Monday Morning Musings

Omg I love alliteration don’t you?! hehe 

So it’s 10am on Monday morning and already the following has happened:

  1. Prince Harry is looking for a girlfriend ya’ll! I’m just putting it out there: Harry, I’m single. 
  2. Yesterday, after realizing that my apartment was 27 degrees by 9am with the blinds closed, I took my ipad and phone and went to Starbucks. On my way home 3 hours later (after my ipad battery drained from 35% to “power off”), I got to my apartment just as two ladies were stepping into the elevator. One middle-aged woman and one very adorable 5 foot Korean grandma (I say grandma because she was at least 80). She looked like every grandmother needs to look, like she is made of pure sugar and hugs. Anyways, they got off on the 2nd floor I was headed for the 3rd) and the grandma turns to me and in the cutest squeak of a voice says “bye” in English! OMG my heart melted into a puddle and is now living in the elevator, haunting all those who ride it. 
  3. I was walking to the grocery store this morning to do my regular Monday morning shop, and this woman gets out of a car on the side of the road and is walking in front of me. She is wearing an all-grey tracksuit, and across her bottom it read “clever dick” I kid you not! In bright yellow letters. Sometimes Korean clothing just makes me laugh. I really wanted to find a picture online for you, but I’m slightly scared to google that…
  4. I have finally broken down and turned on my AC. It’s way too hot in my apartment now. Curse you amazing Korean spring weather! Thankfully the heaters at work have finally been switched over to AC. YES

16 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. Maybe that is the generic version of Juicy Couture? Love it! BTW….Prince Harry is hot now with his beard and getting older. For almost the past decade I would look at him with a sympathetic eye like “he didn’t choose to be a ginger; the ginger chose him. Prince William is hot.” Fast forward 5 years later and I’m looking at Prince William like “Oh man, don’t they have Rogain or implants in England? He is going the other way on the hot scale.” In summary: Harry is hot, William- meh.

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    • I have the same feelings about Harry! Although I think all of us gingers kind of start out awkward and then blossom into hotness 😉 I feel a little bit connected to William though, cos my hair is doing the exact same thing GAH! 😦 lol

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