One way to get removed from my friends list on Facebook is to support hateful tripe like this:

Some days I just want to delete my entire account because of people who I have on my “friend” list.


10 thoughts on “GAH

  1. I frequently remove people from my list if I find myself irritated by their posts. It’s my Facebook. I can choose whom I see. I consider Facebook as a combination of journal and living room. If I won’t let them read it, I don’t post it. If I wouldn’t let them say it in my home, then I remove them. That includes family, too.

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  2. I can’t stand it either. I was taught that Christianity is about love, respect, and acceptance. It hurts me that my reliogion is being perverted to harm other people. I have friends who don’t believe that you should use the restroom that makes you feel comfortable, but, as long as they’re polite about it, then I don’t say anything.

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    • Yeah same here. I was raised Christian, and have the same values of love and respect and acceptance. I think half my childhood church was absent the Sunday those values were taught….. I too try to be polite about things like this, people have the right to their opinion and to share it, but I think there is a right and a wrong way to share.

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    • I removed myself for about 6 months once when I was around 22, but it was my main way of communication with a few friends who had moved away so I got it again. And now, it’s the main communication tool for so many friends back home that I kind of have to keep it :/

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      • I think that’s why I don’t completely get rid of it — once in a while (very seldom) — someone contacts me through fb. And sometimes it’s even someone I don’t mind hearing from. Oh, and by signing in with my fb account, I never lose my Candy Crush progress. LOL!

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  3. I see both sides. As a parent, I don’t allow my 8 year old son to go to the bathroom without standing right outside the men’s room and giving him 2 minutes or I’m walking in there. I a am parent and I don’t know who the hell is in the bathroom. What about people pretending to be transexual and then using that to enter into a woman’s bathroom and look at little girls. It’s already happened. These people are the issue. Not the LGBT community, but the perverts pretending to be transexual and using it is a reason to try to commit pedophilia.
    We need to teach respect and love, but we also need to understand that this issue goes both way. One suggestion that I have to help this is to just create more family restrooms so parents can take their children wherever the heck they want. It isn’t that big of a deal. Give parents options.


    • You make a good point, and it’s one that doesn’t automatically pop into my head since I’m not a parent. The post on this girl’s wall had nothing to do with anyone pretending, but just as a backlash to Target allowing people who identify as transgender to use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable using (which they have every right to do). I also kind of take offence to the “womenfolk” part of it as well, and the image of the old man “saying” it makes my skin crawl. Pretty much everything about that picture makes me want to scream haha.

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