Trip to Sinchon

Yesterday was a pretty great Friday. It was my second day off, and instead of thinking “omg I have to go back to work tomorrow!” it was a “OMG! I have two more days off!!” type of day. So I put it to good use and got some great subway stories for ya’ll.ย 

My day started with going to get my nails done. This was a gamble, since it was technically a holiday in South Korea yesterday and I had no way of knowing if the nail place was even open or not. The regular girl who does my nails had finished working there so I had no one to text. But I got up and went anyways. They were open and I have pretty lilac nails now ๐Ÿ™‚

On the way there, I was standing in the subway station waiting for the train, and this guy walks up beside me. He starts fishing around his bag and pulls out something to drink. He takes a swig and then startsย gargling right there on the platform! It turned out to be mouthwash! After a minute of the swishing and gargling, he spits into a garbage can…..

After my nail appointment, I was walking back to the subway to go home and this girl and her boyfriend were holding hands walking through the underground shopping mall. It looked all cute and normal unless you looked at her head. She still had that one roller attached to her bangs – it apparently needed just a little more time to set?

I had plans to meet with a friend in the late afternoon, so after my nail appointment I just went home. I had over 2 hours before I needed to be on the subway again to meet her, so home I went, and I had some lunch. She gave me really simple instructions to get to where I needed to meet her, but since I was going from home and not from where I get my nails done, I decided to look on my subway app to see if there was ย faster route. There was! It was to take about 20 minutes less, which is amazing, so I decided to take that route.

I get back to the subway, and on the train, I’m sitting beside this S. Korean military dude (every male has to do 2 years of military service here so there are a lot of young guys in uniforms). He’s sniffling and sneezing. So he takes out a package of wet tissues (they are amazing ya’ll!) and instead of being like an adult and taking care of his stuffy nose, he literally rolls the end of it and just shoves in it up in there HAHA. So he has half the tissue up his nose and half hanging out in front of his face….

Sitting across from me, there comes this young couple. They sit down, and they have two small paper shopping bags. I’m looking at the label on the front and then I realize what I’m seeing. The bag in front of the woman is full of eggs! Like probably at least 20 or so of them! Just a bag of eggs…..

Then I finally get to my transfer point, and I’m sitting waiting for the train. I look up and see this sign, that says the next train was suppose to come in an HOUR! I was so upset! I can’t believe my phone app would take me to such a stupid stop!! So I send a picture to my friend who is now waiting for me, and she calls me back – I was at the wrong place, going to the wrong place!! There were two stops with the same name, and she said it was on line 2, the light green line. And on my phone there were two green lines beside each other, a light green and a pale green (like a mint). So I was on the mint one, not line 2. Not only that, it was an actual train stop, not a subway stop. She talked me through my first “getting lost on the Korean subway” moment and we finally met up about 45 minutes after we had planned to.

BUT I did get to try pho for the first time and it was delicious! I had never been to Sinchon before and we walked around, looking at all the clubs and pubs and stuff. There were a lot of buskers on the streets singing or doing magic tricks. It was pretty neat! Although she was pretty shocked to hear that I’m still a virgin, and her reaction did kind of make me feel a little weird. Like she was a little too shocked at it ya know? But that does happen from time to time, even in Korea which is a very conservative society, waiting for sex is a big deal nowadays. But I explained to her my ideals and how I’ve arrived at this, and she seemed to understand but was still very “O-M-G….excuse me?!”


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