Double Pilates Week

I took the plunge this week and added an extra pilates class to my schedule. 

Since it’s a four-day weekend (YAY) I decided this week would be the best time to try. If I died after Wednesday’s class, I would have 4 days of no work or commitments to recover. But I don’t actually think I will need it.

Monday’s class was using the exercise balls again. I thought that it would have been the same as my first ever class, but it turned out to be ok! I’m not putting in all the effort that I did on my first class. I know that to get the best results I need to put in maximum effort, but right now I don’t think my body can take it.

Wednesday was a short day at work. We were finished at 5:45, so my co-worker and i could go to the 7pm class instead of the 8pm class. Wednesday’s class was all on the floor. I am not kidding you!! A full exercise class of sitting on the floor. Amazing! Well not really amazing, but it did help with the energy levels to be able to just sit on my mat for the full 50 minutes. It was a lot of leg/hip stuff which was difficult for me. My fat thighs make it awkward to try to get my legs in the right position, but I struggled my way through it.

I did notice though that my left side is weaker than my right. Every time I need to rotate my left hip, it’s like something is pinched off in it. I will have to work on that.

Since it was all low-impact work last night, I wasn’t out of breath or covered in sweat! I even had about 1/2 the water left in my waterbottle! On my way home, I even got a little cup of chicken from the shop on the street beside my apartment.

But T, you might say, What is the point of exercising just to pick up some fried chicken after?

I almost stopped myself, but then I remembered that I have no goal other than building my endurance and ability in this class. I really don’t want to look at exercise as a weight loss thing. Like yes, I understand that through more exercise I will be getting fitter, and loosing weight. But it’s more about the health thing for me – being more active, than the weight loss. And my little take-out cup, the size of a Tim Horton’s medium cup, full of little chicken chunks is not going to kill me. At least I hope not haha.

The one thing I love about pilates, aside from how low impact it is, is the false sense of accomplishment it gives you. So I come home from Monday’s class, drenched in sweat but feeling good. I didn’t kill myself, I had a good workout. Tuesday, I felt GREAT! I wasn’t in any pain, my muscles were good. So I tell myself, that I’m pushing myself probably just enough right now. And I will slowly increase the intensity to keep it up. But then it hits you!! Around 24 hours after the class, all my ab muscles start to ache, my legs are feeling the burn. It’s like your body is giving you some time to appreciate the good work you did before it punishes you for doing it!

I think I will keep this two-a-week class thing going for a little bit. I do have to teach until 8pm on Fridays so it makes it hard to catch that class. But I do end class usually at like 7:50…. I could rush the teens out to make it lol. I will see how it goes! Right now I am just happy going twice a week!

I’m not sure when my blog became a place for fitness talk! BAH fitness talk! haha. But thank you for all your support in my journey into the world of pilates (and for enduring the longer than 300 word posts on Thursdays)

I found these Buzzfeed articles, 23 Little Things People Who Do Pilates Just Get, and 22 Worries Everyone has During Pilates. and they are both all true! I had a little giggle so I shall share it with ya’ll.

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