Night Palace

The first touristy thing I ever did in Korea 5 years ago was to go to a palace. I instantly fell in love, I think mostly because we don’t have palaces in Canada, and the Asian style of buildings are so different to what I have ever seen. It could also have to do with my small obsession with Asian culture (check my university transcript for further proof). Most palaces close at around 5:30pm to the public. However, a co-worker told me that sometimes the palaces will open for night viewings!She had went to my favourite palace with her boyfriend about a month or so ago, and when tickets came available this time, she asked if I wanted one. I agreed thinking that she was going to, but she asked if I wanted two tickets so I said sure. Thinking I had enough time to find someone to go with me. I didn’t even have the time to ask anyone before she suggested that I go with a friend of hers – the same girl who drew that adorable caricature that I posted (then took down) a few days ago.

We met at a subway station and took the subway into Seoul. Having to squeeze past two extremely hansom men to get off the train. A Korean lady was talking to them in broken English, and one said his name was James? Well James had the most amazing tattooed arms I’ve seen in a long time. Way to go James – you made my heart flutter.

We went out for dinner first, then took a walk around the mural village. Or parts of it. Then headed on over to the palace for when it opened. I was SO excited! I had emailed my parents telling them I was all set to go and that I was just charging up my battery for my camera. My dad wrote back “make sure your camera works before heading out” to which I replied (in a most snotty voice) “Why wouldn’t it work?! I just said it’s all ready to go”. Cos ya know, I’m going for the “daughter of the year” award…..

So we have dinner at this GREAT pizza place, and then head on over to the mural village. At the top of the hill, the sun is setting and it’s beautiful. So I take out my Nikon camera from my bag, turn it on, line up my shot and push the button. Nothing happens. I check to make sure, yes I did actually turn it on, everything is where it needs to be, push the button, nothing happens. I look at the digital screen “no sim card” O-M-G!!! When I posted those pictures last week, I left the sim card IN MY LAPTOP!! GAHH So I spend the night taking pictures with my stupid phone…. I am SO ANGRY at myself. And ya know what?! I’m not telling my dad what happened – because well, I’d look stupid haha. I did get a few selfies just to email to my parents so they know that I’m actually the one emailing them and that I’m actually still alive and that my account hasn’t been taken over by some crazy person. But with the amount of attitude I give them some days, I’m sure they have no doubt that it really is me writing 🙂

Here are a few of the pictures from my travels yesterday! Unfortunately no selfies for you though!

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