Grab some popcorn, it’s a rant

I was so excited for work today. I WAS excited….

Wednesday is “Market Day” at our school (a reward system based on fake US dollars for the kids) and the kids are all excited! They get to spend their money and buy things like pencil cases, pencils, cute little plushies, games etc. So we have to set up the whole thing. Which is fine. But my boss tells me my room is going to be a movie/game room and do I have any ideas? He literally said it in the same sentence, expecting me to immediately have ideas. And I’m pretty sure my facial expression didn’t hide how annoyed I felt about that. He’s been annoying me a lot lately so I think with everything building up this Market Day just pushed me over the edge. This is my first Market Day so no I don’t know how we should organize it, no I don’t know what the kids want, I don’t even know what a Market Day really is! But after planning we have figured it out: my room will be a movie and games, and my co-teacher was to think of the games and I found a cute video on Netflix. Her room will be the shopping room and then a different room will be a snack room.

So aside from not having to prepare classes for Wednesday, Thursday is Children’s Day. Which is a national holiday. WOOOOO! That means I get the day off work. Well, the government decided that having Thursday a holiday and going back to work on Friday was just plain mean so we get Friday off as well! SCORE!!

I get to work today and I know it’s going to be a crazy day. It’s the first day after final tests which means that I have to get all my teacher guides switched out, organize all the sound files on my computer, write down the new files that I need for the new books, get my boss to transfer them to my computer, do my regular class prep and finish marking tests and writing comments. Plus on top of all of that, we had to have a 20 minute meeting about Market Day where I found out that while my co-teacher was suppose to think up games for my room, I will be the one running them since she will be in her room the whole time? And then of course we had to spend our own time pricing out all the items for sale after all our classes were done, and then tomorrow I’ll probably have to stay late to set everything up.

Ok, so get over that anger inducing hour, and my classes start. My boss comes into my room and asks for books for this one class, which I don’t have because he ordered the wrong ones. So he’s going through the stack of books on my desk, which I have in order that I need them, trying to find this teacher’s guide that doesn’t exist. Then I found out he moved two girls up TWO levels. They would have been perfectly fine being moved up just one, but no, because it didn’t fit their schedules he decided to pump them up two levels where they are going to struggle hardcore and probably end up dropping out. But he didn’t talk to anyone and he said the girls said they were fine so obviously it is. He did that with one girl in my Tuesday/Thursday classes and she literally almost cries every class because she doesn’t understand anything. Sure she can repeat things and read things but she doesn’t understand, and she’s not getting the grammar. I’ve told him so many times she needs to be moved but her mom doesn’t want to switch her days at the academy so she has to be in that class since there are no other classes on Tues/Thurs.

And of course, it’s 26 degrees outside by 10am and it’s SO HOT in my room since I have no windows and it’s stinky because 80% of my students are boys. And I have asked to have the heaters switched to AC but nopes….apparently the whole school has to be switched over at the same time and they still haven’t done it yet. I started leaving my door open a little bit today but some classes are just too noisy and I don’t want to be heard yelling at them to settle down.

Then it started raining, of course since I decided today would be the perfect day to wear sandals for the first time this year.

So it’s this huge thing and I’m just getting more and more annoyed! I had planned on going to pilates this evening after work but half way through the day all I could think of was “omg I want to go home and eat some ice cream!” (which usually isn’t what I think but I just bought ice cream on the weekend so it’s no my mind). But then I think I should just take my anger TO pilates. So that is what I did. I sweated out all my anger (well most of it, I’m hoping the rest will leave after typing this all out)

I’ve never been to a Monday class and there were these three girls at the front being all giggly. Now I thought they were giggling over me: very white fat girl coming in with stupid looking hair. And I might be right, but I think it might have been their first class? Because a few moves in, one just looked around the room with utter shock and horror on her face at what everyone was doing haha! It was a ball day again, and I have to admit I didn’t give it my all, but I literally was a pool of sweat by the end of the 50 minutes. I’ve decided that I don’t need to be all serious and giving 100% until my body is ready for it. I much prefer being able to walk over keeping up with the class on every single move. So I do all the exercises just not as hardcore as everyone else. AND I got the ball OFF THE MAT! YES I DID!! Using only my legs, I lifted the ball off the mat! At least 1/4 of the amount of times we were suppose to! Last time it was 0/4 – Take that stupid ball!

I did learn from last time and got a smaller ball. Even though the last one was perfect for my height, I couldn’t even get my legs around it to grip it and lift it. This one I could grip but it was a little too small for all the other things. So maybe I need to have two balls beside me? One where I can do the standing part, and then switch out for the laying down lifting with your legs part. I am looking forward to the day where I can grip the ball with my legs, lift it up over my head and touch the ground behind my head. Ultimate goal right there!

Phewwwww alright so I kind of feel a little better after that massive rant. Some of my anger at my boss has boiled up again, and I really just wish that he would take more responsibility for what he needs to do and stop asking me “what do you think?” It’s totally wearing on my nerves, and I still have 7 months left to go. He’s pushing my co-teacher’s buttons as well and I think I kind of feed off her frustration as well, which I know is bad. But misery loves company right?

4 thoughts on “Grab some popcorn, it’s a rant

    • LOL!! It’s ok to laugh at it 🙂 I’m kind of glad for the stress, it felt great to work it out in pilates so now maybe I can start to make that a habit! And the more stress, the less guilt I’ll feel when I leave at the end of my contract haha.

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    • Thanks!! Market day worked out in the end 🙂 even though the actual day was a tad bit frustrating as well. Just kind of all over the place. But it worked! And instead of finishing work at 7:30 (for me at least), it was 5:45! ooo YEAH! lol

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