#atozchallenge – Reflections

After teacher’s college, I’m not sure I can do anything without sitting down and reflecting on what has happened. Each day, we had to fill out a reflections section on our lesson plan page, and the teacher we were working with and/or our advisor, principal, any professor in the Education Department, our dean, etc. could ask to see them at any time. So I will make WLU proud and reflect! 

While trying to think about what to write, I settled on things that I enjoyed and things I want to do better next time.

First the things I enjoyed:

  1. Challenging myself to make sure I didn’t get cut from the list for missing any days
  2. Reading new blogs
  3. Finding new blogs to follow
  4. Seeing other people’s awesome themes.
  5. Meeting some great new people
  6. Breaking out of my blogger’s bubble.

Now the things I think I should do better on next time:

  1. Keeping track of my number on the official list better. I started around 980-990, but ended up at 623.
  2. Pick a more involved topic – I really loved my topic (capital cities I want to visit), since it allowed me to do some “arm chair travel” as a visitor to my blog once wrote. The cities were so beautiful and my wanderlust is acting up again! But I kind of feel like it was a safe topic. It was so easy to do. Maybe next time I’ll think of a topic that makes me really grow as a writer.
  3. Use a “pinned post” – I discovered this feature about half way through the challenge by accident. Next time, I will have a post at the top of my blog’s homepage sharing what I am doing and why. Next time, I’ll make sure to have something on my blog so people know.
  4. Be more organized: When the challenge first started, I only have a calendar full of city names that I was considering using. On that first day, I was so overwhelmed by all the choices I had to write about, I just crumbled and only posted pictures. Next time, I want to be more organized.
  5. Planned posts: With having a more involved topic, next time I think I will start planning ahead of the challenge start date and have posts already written and scheduled to post at certain times.
  6. visit more blogs: I started off visiting around 10 blogs per day. I didn’t do the “5 directly after on the list” from my number, but started from the top of the list. But eventually I just stopped. I kind of wish I had kept that up.
  7. interact with more bloggers: even with visiting those 200 blogs, I didn’t really interact with the bloggers. I would read their post and then just go on my merry way.  I think I should have interacted more, commented more, etc. I know I don’t need to follow every blog I visit, but I should have put in more of an effort there.

Overall, I really enjoyed this challenge and I’m glad that I stumbled upon it! I have a list of topic ideas started for next year, although I might not wait until next April to bust a few out. I really enjoyed having something to post every day. After I did my Friending February thing where I wrote a response to the daily prompt every day, I’ve felt a little lost at what to write. It was nice to have posts for the whole month of April pre-planned so that I didn’t have to think too much. It was a much needed break for my brain, but also gave me a shift in perspective of what I’m doing on my blog.

Just as a general recap, here are all the cities that I featured on my blog this past month:

Dublin, Dijon
Flying Fish Cove
Hanga Roa
Lima, Lisbon, London, Luxemburg
Paris, Prauge
Rome, Reykjavik
Vienna, Vatican City

A big shout out to all those who happened to stumble into my little corner of crazy over the last month, and a handful of glitter to those who decided to follow my blog and stick around! I’m looking forward to what comes next for me and my little blog!

7 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – Reflections

  1. I enjoyed your challenge posts. 🙂 Hey, what is the significance of keeping track of your number on the official list? Honestly, I paid no attention to that at all… And I also admit that I didn’t visit all that many new blogs. With writing and the rest of life, I didn’t really have time for that… But I enjoyed this challenge a lot! 🙂

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    • I’m not sure what the significance of the number is. I read a post on the site about a month before the challenge started that said you should always know it and when you comment on other people’s blogs to leave the number so they could search you? I guess that might be the only reason? I enjoyed reading all of your posts as well!!

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