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Hey ya’ll, I know, third post of the day! AHHH I try to keep it to no more than two, but sometimes things just pop up. 

Back in August, when I started this blog, I also purchased an online course for Children’s writing. At the time I had a book that I had written which I wanted to develop a little bit more. Through Groupon, I was able to get this online course for $19 instead of the listed price of $700. It gives me lifetime access to the course, and it was either that or a photography course. I went with the writing since I wasn’t too interested in selling my photography – though from some of the comments on here maybe I should be? 

BUT!! Here is the exciting news. The same company has launched an Adult Fiction writing course. Again, lifetime access to the modules, you just have to pay and register now. Since it just launched, for the next FIVE DAYS it’s only $19 instead of $697. 

So I’ve taken advantage of this offer since I have about 3 different novels started that are all just stuck.

For anyone else wanting to get in on the deal, here is the link!


I can’t vouch for how good it is, since I haven’t even started the children’s writing course I bought in August. But once you buy it, then you have access for ever. Just thought I’d pass it along!

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