Things I saw on my trip today

Another installment of Tales from the Subway

  1. a man reading off his cellphone with a magnifying glass            
  2. a little boy sitting looking straight ahead like he was sleep-riding the train
  3. his mom putting grapes into his mouth without him even blinking
  4. his mom checking his teeth like you would check a horse’s teeth  
  5. his mom flossing his teeth
  6. nasty glares directed at an inter-racial couple as they hugged (it was a super cute moment ya’ll)
  7. a kid risking his life to jump and turn sideways to get into the subway car before the doors shut on him
  8. two American soldiers in uniform saluting as they passed each other.
  9. a Korean soldier all spiffy in his dress uniform

I went to Itaewon to get some workout clothes. I went to the place I normally shop but they don’t carry workout things. I did buy two baggy t-shirts but they kind of match my bright beautiful skirts I just bought so I might not use them for workout clothes. Then I went to a foreigner’s market in hopes of finding two things: all dressed chips and white vinegar. I can’t find just regular white vinegar around where I live, and I was glad this market had it. But no all dressed chips. I settled for salt and vinegar and came back home. While I was walking around, I saw a restaurant called “Canucks” apparently they bring “Canada to your plate”. I think I’ll have to go back to Itaewon and check it out sometime!


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