The Age Game

Are you talented at guessing people’s ages? I am so very much NOT. I am usually wrong. So wrong that I cause resentment in people (like my first real job, a lady asked me how old I thought she was, I said “Idk like 38? 40?” She was TWENTY EIGHT and didn’t speak to me for a few days. That’s what smoking does to you peeps. That and I was 16 and obviously oblivious.

I feel like I’m oblivious in the blogging world as well. I just naturally assume that people I “click” with are the same age as me, or close to it. Then I’ll catch like a date or an age reference in someone’s writing and I’ll be like “O-M-G, I had NO IDEA!”

So let’s just get it all out there shall we? I’ll start!

I, Giggling Fattie, also known as T, am 29 years old.

Ok – your turn!

I seriously don’t want to offend anyone by asking (or by assuming) so you don’t have to leave your age. But I’d still like to know!


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