Death-ilates Numero Dos

For those who don’t know, last week I took my first-ever pilates class. You can read about it here, and the painful aftermath here. The classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, and after just getting my legs to work without pain on Monday, I decided not to take the class that day, but instead opted for tonight (Wednesday) to be my second class.

Once again, I was surprised at how easy it was to follow along. The instructor made sure to make eye contact and show her body position, and I made sure to get a good place where I could see her. Sometimes I felt like she was talking directly to me, so I would nod after instructions. Not sure if she was, but whatever.

Last Wednesday was pretty much legs. Today was pretty much arms. We had to pick out hand weights before it started. I went up to the bucket and just grabbed a matching set, I think maybe 5 or 10lbs. She came over later and switched them out for lighter ones. I am so glad she did! I wouldn’t have been able to do as much with heavier ones.

The class runs from 8pm to about 8:50. I made it till around 8:25ish and then I had to stop! We were standing but kept going up and down with these weights. I was literally dripping sweat, my heart was beating out of my chest, I had a huge headache, and I felt like I was going to be sick and/or pass out. So I literally just stood there for about 5 minutes, deep breathing and drinking water. Sometimes closing my eyes to make sure I didn’t actually pass out. I didn’t want to beΒ that fat girl.

I kind of have to admit, I didn’t give my full potential – possibly like 70-75%. I was worried about killing my legs again, since I’m taking a palace tour this weekend, and my muscles were still kind of fatigued from last week (yeah I’m that out of shape).Β Last Wednesday I wanted to do everything at full pace. But it discouraged me since it took 4 days to just walk properly again – and that was with taking muscle relaxers and putting vicks on my sore muscles at night, and basically spending the whole weekend at home in bed so my legs could relax. The ligaments behind my knees are still a little tender but I’m starting to be ok. I’ve decided to go back on Monday and give it 70-75% again πŸ™‚ That class I will have to go by myself though. My co-worker can’t go on Mondays. But I think I will be ok as long as I get a place close to the front where I can see the instructor. So now I’m kind of invested. The instructor told my co-worker today she wants to be my friend haha.

Sometimes I feel bad for my limitations in the class. But then I think – Hey T (yeah, that’s right, I talk to myself), you’re rocking just for being here! And last class, you lasted longer than a lot of other people before having to take a break! You have never really done exercise classes and this is fun. You aren’t here to prove anything but to have a good time and feel good about yourself. Keep it up! You’re a superstar.Β 

After a little pep-talk to myself, I feel much better! And I know that, sure I can’t do it all right now, but next time I’ll be able to do a little more. And the next time after that I’ll be able to do a little more again. Right now I can be proud that I finished yet another class, and I can sit here at 9:45 at night eating my single serving of grapes and feeling good about myself.

But for those of you who do exercise on a regular basis, I has a question: what’s the best thing to eat before a class?

I get to eat dinner at around 645 and I try to finish by 7 so I have an hour to let it settle before the class starts. I usually just take a small salad with me to school and eat it. Today I added some sliced cheese and meat on the side for a little protein since I knew that I wouldn’t want to eat anything after. I did eat my bowl of grapes, which I think helps since it boosts my sugars again. So is that a good thing or should I be doing something else? Lemme know since I am completely in the dark about such things.

Goodnight my Giggling Followers! Glad I got this typed up tonight since tomorrow I’m not sure what my arms will be capable of doing!

24 thoughts on “Death-ilates Numero Dos

  1. It’s fun to be taking this trip abroad with you. I get all summer free at a local work out facility because I work in the school system. They have classes…maybe I’ll take a yoga or Pilates class. And not look spastic. Try not to, anyway

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  2. Congrats on your second class! I bet it turned out to be harder than you thought, still I think is great you want to keep up, in a couple of months you’ll be glad you did.
    About the food before exercise, you could try for example a whole grain toast with some peanut butter and a sliced banana on top. it will give you the energy you need, without feeling That full.

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  3. I often exercise in the morning (my lazy ass permitting) and when I do, I drink a tall cold glass of water first and that’s it… then I’m out the door. Another tall glass of water after, and a little later, shower and breakfast. However, this will never work when I’m not unemployed anymore… And of course, this doesn’t help you at all since your class is in the evening… πŸ™‚

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  4. I don’t like to eat too much before a workout but I need to eat something that will give me energy so I usually go for some fruit like a handful of berries or banana or a handful of a whole grain cereal. And of course plenty of water.

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  5. I agree with the other commenters about food choices. Everything they mentioned I think would be great.

    For myself, I’m usually careful to eat enough that I’m not really hungry, but not so much that I’m too full when I exercise. Otherwise my stomach gets upset. I usually go for a banana. If it’s a long workout I’ll have a banana and a bagel or piece of toast.

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    • Maybe I’ll start bringing bananas to work – they seem go be a popular item lol. I used to eat them all the time for breakfast but stopped becuase they were always really bad quality and I was wasting money on them

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          • So this is a random thought . . . but what I did to make this a non-issue . . . do you have a good blender? We used to buy bags of frozen fruit from Costco because we’d eat a lot of smoothies in my house (it was the only way I could get my son to eat fruits and veggies . . . yes, I’d put spinach in the smoothies we ate). Anyway . . . we were already making smoothies so when our bananas started to go bad, we’d peel them and put them in a ziplock bag and freeze them. We never had a problem using them up in smoothies. That way nothing went to waste. Something to think about.

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            • That is a greay idea! But i dont have a blender. I only have what was provided in my apartment so i have a microwave, a small fridge and then a two burner flat top stove. I was going to buy a toaster and a counter top oven (or a toaster oven?! One instead of two haha!) But now im 5 months into my contract and still havent purchased either of them lol

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