I dress like a clown

FINALLY another monkey story!

Ok, so we all know Monkey E and Monkey J were separated. I still see Monkey E on Tuesday and Thursdays and she picks out my manicure colours since I’ve run out of ideas (good call on the blue Monkey E, I loves it!)

Today it was HOT! My apartment was 25 degrees by 8:30am, and that was before I even opened the blinds. The sun shines directly into my room in the morning, waking me up at 6am (cos obviously I want to be up that early) and blinding me while I sit on my bed. By 11 it was 27, but by 12 it was down to 26. So I decided to wear one of those summer outfits I bought about a month ago. First time wearing leggings as pants! So proud of myself! (I tried when I first bought all the clothes but it was too cold so I had to change before I went to work lol)

Now I usually don’t do this, so I can’t really tell you how long this post is going to stay up but I wanted to share a few personal photos of me. That’s right! This is an actual photo of Giggling Fattie, she is a real person!

I was sitting at my desk and Monkey E runs in for her usual hug. She looks at my short sleeves and asks if I’m cold (like always) and I say no (like always). Then she starts giggling and goes behind my chair and looks at my legs under the desk. She starts giggling even more!! Telling me I look like some Korean word. It took about 10 minutes of her giggling and her classmates trying to translate the Korean word for one of them to just google a picture for me, but we figured it out: clown. And I guess she was right, the colour blocking on it does resemble a clown’s design a little. But OMG I didn’t really look like a clown did I?!?! (I tried to hide my face as best as I could, and do a cute little pose for ya’ll, but it didn’t work too well hehe)

I tried to do a model pose but it didn’t work ya’ll

I also went out for lunch today. My co-worker wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers. Now this slightly scared me. One day she is telling me that she needs to set me up with someone and then the next day “Oh I have a friend for you to meet!” But it was a girl! haha Yesterday my co-worker asked me for a picture since her friend has started to draw caricatures of people. So I sent her two different options. In less than a day this girl drew TWO pictures! One of me and then one of my co-worker. It’s so amazing that I just had to show it!! Now It’s not my real face, but it’s a very close likeness. She did make me look a little bit more beautiful that I actually am though…

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