#atozchallenge – V

A double post once again! Kind of surprising this late in the game considering the letters we have left are rather obscure ones for naming cities! 

Vienna, Austria:

Vatican City: a city-state surrounded by Rome, Italy.

Tourist Websites: 
Vienna: http://www.visitingvienna.com/
Vatican City: https://www.rometoolkit.com/whattodo/vatican.htm

14 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – V

  1. Wooo — I have been to both of these places! 🙂 And I really haven’t been to *that* many places. But I traveled a lot during my ‘studying in London’ months. Both of these places are beautiful. In Vienna, I remember that my friend and I met another American who was traveling alone… so we spent the rest of our time in Vienna with him. That was fun. She and I finally had a bunch of pictures of us both… together… 😀

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  2. Both are great. Any time of year. The Vatican is a bit weird, like being in your ancient grandmas boudoir on some sort of hallucinating substance (maybe that’s just me) but Vienna is cool. Best of all they have these sofas in front of all the great art so you don’t get exploding varicose veins standing there. Did I mention the pastries…

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