Babies, blankets, and the blues

It’s been an interesting week for me. There have been a few pretty neat things that have happened, but overall it’s been a really sad week, and that’s just something that I’m not use to. 

First, let’s deal with the good things. I’m still alive after my first pilates class! It took about 3 days but I’m almost back to feeling normal. The ligaments behind my knees are still a little tender, but I’ve been trying to sooth them with gentle stretching (yay yoga practice!) and vicks. I know that vick’s is usually for your chest when you are sick, but it’s almost can be used on sore muscles. And it feels just as amazing on tired achy legs as it does when you’re chest is all congested!

Another good thing: Last weekend I was able to watch an old friend get married. The couple had many family and friends not able to attend the wedding (like me for example) so they set up this live streaming for it. It was pretty amazing! It also saved as a recording online afterwards so I didn’t have to get up at 4am to watch her marry the man of her dreams.

The funny thing about this guy is that 2 years ago, a close friend of my mom’s was trying to set me up with her grandson. I was not interested because he was younger than me and he was her grandson. I literally can not be in the same room as this woman. Anyways, so my friend starts telling me about this guy who she met online, after I told her she could have this grandson being offered up to me. These guys both had the same name, both love motorcycles, both were around the same age. But we thought they both lived in different towns. Turns out it was the same guy!  Thankfully she met him first and they are perfect for each other and now they get to spend the rest of their lives together.

Now onto the kind of sad. I’ve been feeling really home sick lately. I miss everything about home. I know that I am contributing to this dark cloud feeling in my life since I just bought my plane tickets for my vacation, feeling sad for missing my friend’s wedding, being in contact with my recruiter to see if I can get a job lined up in Canada before my contract is over. So I need to start focusing on other things and the homesickness will fade away, but right now I’m kind of stuck in it and it really sucks.

Another thing is that I’ve starting knitting this baby blanket. It’s the largest project I’ve ever taken on with knitting and it was for a friend I met through my brother. They used to live together before he got married. Then I met his (now) wife and we became friends as well. So I started knitting this blanket when I heard they were expecting around the middle of July, and then they announced it was going to be a baby girl! How exciting! The yarn I picked out is this bright yellow so it would look perfect in a little girl’s room.

Two days ago, my brother tells me that the baby’s already been born. 3 months premature. She was 1lb 2oz, but at the time of his message both mother and daughter were doing ok. So add that onto my homesickness and it has been a stressful couple of days. I’m working on the blanket today, trying to get it finished. I still have about 2 balls of yarn left to go before it’s the right size. And I’m trying to stay positive about the baby but it’s hard. I do know that the doctors in Ontario are amazing and I personally know 4 children who weren’t suppose to reach their first birthdays but now are all over 3 (the oldest being 14). Ontario is lucky to have an amazing SickKid’s program. But that still doesn’t really take away the stress of it….

Here’s hoping that the next week will be a little bit more happy!


9 thoughts on “Babies, blankets, and the blues

  1. Yep. Hoping all good things for you and your works and the little baby. Sorry you’re homesick. Sometimes it’s also good to seek out some of what you will miss where you are right now when you leave? What will you want to be doing here when you are back home?!

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    • You’re very kind!! 🙂 I wish I could seek out what I miss, but it’s the small things like my bed, and my pillows, and my dog laying on my feet while eating dinner. The smell of my friends car? lol You know that things that you can’t really get anywhere other than home.


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