Save me sweet baby Jesus

Alright ya’ll – so it finally happened. I took my first real pilates class. If some of you will recall, I found a short 20 minute youtube video about 2 weeks ago that I did 2-3 times and each time I was dead. D-E-A-D. So I was a little apprehensive about my class last night.

In all honesty, I kind of loved it with a burning hatred lol. If that makes any sense. I sat close to my friend and she said a few instructions for me but I really didn’t it. Although when the instructor told her to tell me that if it was too difficult to just do a little bit, that made me feel a little better. The instructor made sure to keep an eye on me so it was all good. She even said to come back often, although this was before the class even started. And she came over to check on us after the class ended too – talked to my co-worker in Korean asking me how it was and stuff.

It was 45-50 minutes long but didn’t really feel like that long. I was red faced, sweaty, heart pounding and winded by the end. The routine had us using just an exercise ball, which mine was a little too big for my legs at this point. I could straddle it, but when we had to clench it between our legs and lift it into crunches and over our heads and crazy things, yeah that wasn’t going to happen so I just put my legs up on the ball and followed the movements of the exercise without actually lifting the ball.

I am actually surprised at how well I was able to keep up with the rest of the class. While not being able to fully do some of the moves (there is no way my right elbow is touching my left leg without loosing my posture because of my body shape) I did them the best that I could and I could still feel the burn. I honestly only felt like I was going to throw up once (TMI? lol I’m going to say no cos we’re all open and honest here at No Love For Fatties). We had to lay on our exercise balls and do these leg lifts and the pouncing motion of the ball was a tad too much. I did have to take off my glasses a few times cos they kept slipping off my face, but I did the set of whatever exercise it was and then slipped them back on.

I did have to do it sans-Doris like I said. Thankfully I didn’t take scissors and chop off all my original hair, so I was able to put it into a bun on the top of my head. I haven’t seen my natural hairline in a while (I don’t really pay attention on the weekends when I’m at home) and I was shocked at how little the hair covers on the top of my head. Definitely getting the “dome” look…..gah stupid hair!

After the class was over, I’m standing with my co-worker putting on our shoes and I look up and there is our boss, just walking out of the driving range. In the hall for the 3rd floor, there is the yoga studio on one side, our school on the other and at the end of the hall the driving range (I say hall but its literally like 8 steps from one end to the other). He BURTS into a laughing fit but talked to us for a little bit. I must admit I do look quite silly when my face is all red like that lol. I told him I literally died and that I won’t be coming to work haha. He said that was fine but I will be at work. Thursdays are my short days. I arrive at 1:30, classes start at 2:30 but I have that first 45 mins free, teach for 45 mins, free 45 mins, teach 45 minutes, free 15 minutes and then 2 hours of adult classes. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! I actually don’t feel too horrible this morning! My legs are a little stiff, and my shoulders but its not unbearable.

Once we get all our stuff ready, my co-worker and I head out of the yoga studio. We see about 4 people waiting for the elevator and we decide to WALK DOWN THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS! Yeah, cos stairs and post-pilates jelly legs are a great combo. I made it, without falling on my face YAY ME! Then I had to walk home. I have never been more happy to be a 2 minute walk from work. And thank goodness that I have an elevator to take me up the 3 flights to my apartment.

Once home, all I wanted to do was sit down but I knew that if I did, there was no way I was getting up haha. I had prepared a bowl of grapes before I left for work (pulling them off the stem, washing them) and started eating a few. That totally helped my stomach and how I was feeling. I took a shower cos I was so gross! Never before have I ever been so happy not to have a bathtub. It took all my will-power just to step up the 6 inch lip into my bathroom, I don’t think I would have been able to step into and out of a standard bathtub/shower. Thankfully, coming out of the bathroom was a little easier.

I’ve decided to go back next Wednesday and told my co-worker. As much as I hated myself when I got home, it was a good hate. And I was really surprised at how well I was able to feel comfortable with not understanding the instructions. Somehow not knowing how many sets are left was a good thing? I know a few Korean numbers but she didn’t seem to be counting in a way that I understood lol.  I did end up doing one more than everyone esle because I was just into it and didn’t realize the class had stopped. Then the instructor would just say “stop” lol. The lady running the class was great at demonstrating the exercise first. She would make eye contact and made sure I understood.

My co-worker wants to go back on Friday but I think I need to stick to just one class a week for a little bit to get used to it. Plus I work until 8 on Fridays and the class starts at 8. I don’t want to be rushing to it just yet. But Mondays and Wednesdays I stop teaching at 6:35 so I might bump it up to two times a week once I get a little used to it.

YAY me for surviving!

I know that this is suppose to be a 300 Thursday but I promised ya’ll an update and there was no way I could get allllllll of that into 300 words. So please accept my apology and let’s just forget this ever happened.


14 thoughts on “Death-ilates

  1. Congrats! My first yoga class I was red faced, sweaty and breathing heavy lol. I know not same exercise but I never did pilates.


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