#atozchallenge – P

Once again, I have come to a letter where I can’t just pick one off my list of cities to highlight. As I did with L, I’ll be posting pictures and links for more than one city today. 

Of course, what list of capital cities would be complete without the most beautiful Paris, France? I do tend to have a few problems with the French, but only those who have their “highbrow, I am better than you” attitude who live in Quebec. *shakes angry fist*. But this is not the time or the place for a political rant.

Prague, Czech Republic

Tourist Websites: 
Paris: http://en.parisinfo.com/
Prague: http://www.prague.eu/en

6 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – P

  1. They have those type of French speakers in Canada? With the additude? Do they stink? Haha. That’s a common stereotype I’ve heard about the French. That and they hate Americans. I think many countries are not American ass kissers. My cousin has traced our family roots to Canada, then to France. I don’t know all the details, but my ancestors were once part of those Cajuns/Acadiana who migrated down to Louisiana. My grandmothers first language was French. I am very interested in French language. I was a French major in college. I was awesome at it, u told I was in a car accident and brain injury=total loss of French language. But that’s another story


    • I have always drawn a clear distinction between French Canadians and the French. I’ve had some very bad experiences with French Canadians, and being the stubborn political person that I am, it really holds deeps in me lol. But every French person from France that I have ever met has been lovely and the picture of European French-ness haha. And no, I didn’t know you were in a car accident! That’s so horrible! 😦 I’m sorry you lost all your French. I took it in school until grade 9 (you are forced to learn until grade 9, then it becomes your choice) and literally laughed in my teacher’s face when she said she hoped to see me in the grade 10 class lol. I was so happy to be done!


      • I took it in high school and loved it. I took it in college–it was my major for about a year. Was in the 300 level classes when I was in a traumatic, horrible car accident. Coma for 3 and half weeks, broken neck, brain injury and the French didn’t stay. When I returned, I was lost in class and for a D in my courses. I was heartbroken


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