My eyebrows are sweating

My eyebrows are sweating and I did this to myself.

Last week, a new shop opened up right by my apartment. It’s a chicken place. As in, it literally only sells chicken.

They have a walk up window, so feeling completely unsatisfied by my salad at work I decided to try it out. I go up and there are 3 different options. An unsauced one, and two ones covered in sauce. I asked “spicy?” and waved my hand in front of my mouth. I hate spicy food.

The lady sticks a piece from the middle one and it was delicious!! I say, yes this one! By the time the lady had the box open and ready to fill it, it started to burn. I was just about to tell her to wait, and I should have.

I walk the 3 steps to my apartment building and got to my apartment. I decided to try to eat it anyways. I have this spreadable cheese and crackers so I made a plate of them and took turns eating some chicken and then crackers. But it didn’t help. I was DYING. My face is red and blotchy and now my lips are on fire! I inhaled a yogurt cup just to help!

I’m hoping that tomorrow, I can take most of the sauce and coating off the remaining chicken in my fridge haha. But after 10 minutes and the last half of my cheese and crackers, the inside of my mouth isn’t on fire anymore. Although my “small 8pm snack” turned out to be more like a small meal.

At least I know next time to get the unsauced kind……

10 thoughts on “My eyebrows are sweating

  1. It took a couple years of living in Korea to start liking Korean food. By the time I left, I have several “favorite” dishes. I even liked kimchi . . . but not enough for me to crave it once I left 🙂

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    • Ooo i love bulgogi and bibimbap but I’ve just never been able to handle the spice of it all. I did manage to wipe off some of the sauce and eat the rest of the chicken for lunch today. But i basically inhalled it before my taste buds noticed and then had lots of rice and watermelon after to mellow it out haja

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