All my love and affection

Okies peeps I have a quest for you! While I was out today, either in the dentist office before my appointment or in the subway station waiting for the train after my appointment, I was reading this article, maybe on vital humor or buzzfeed. There was a picture that I would love to use for a future post but I can’t find it anywhere and it’s driving me INSANE! I have googled, gone back through my Facebook feed trying to find the post, spent over an hour on buzzfeed, looked through the Facebook feed for vital humor for the last 2 days. OMG

I can’t remember it EXACTLY but it starts with “omg he said hi what do I do?” and then the next text is “say hi back” “do I add a smile?” “yes of course. but just a regular one, and no wink, you’re not a slut”

Something like that. There are more words but you get the point.

I pledge my undying love and affection for the rest of my life to the first person who can email me a copy of this to

PLEASE save me from my insanity!


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