Happy Birthday to ME!

Hey guess what?! It’s my birthday!!!Β 

Now I write this shamelessly – I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!! It’s not about the presents or anything, it’s just I love my birthday! I don’t understand how people can’t love their birthday.

Being in a different country I’m not really doing anything special for my birthday. I don’t even think anyone knows its my birthday here. All I asked for from my family were amazon.ca gift cards. They can just email them right to my email and it’s pretty amazing. I woke up to one from my parents. One that was like triple the amount I was even expecting from my whole family combined!! Which means I can pick out whatever watch I want! Now to just get it narrowed down to one design…..

Le brother, being the loser face that I know he is, is refusing to acknowledge my birthday until April 15th Canadian time. He says that since I was born in his timezone, he will not recognize my birthday until it reaches that day in his timezone, not mine haha. I seriously love that guy so much!

In honor of my birthday, everyone have a cupcake. You know you want to! Better yet, ice cream cake! If I was at home right now that’s what I would be having. Or my aunt’s famous cherry cheesecake. I might get cheesecake after work tonight. I have decided to skip pilates because I want cake instead. It’s my birthday and I’m allowed!

Here: enjoy some dancing from giphy.com

dance music video dancing kanye west famous

thedudeperfectshow  dance dancing panda cmt

cbs  dance happy celebrate cbs

ucfknights  dance dancing excited crowd

Ok, Ok I’ll stop now…..

NO JUST ONE MORE!!! And Korean too.

dance dancing kpop happy exo

Now I’m really done πŸ™‚ Have a great T’s Birthday day everyone!!




35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. Happy BirthdayπŸŽπŸŽ‰ Have lots of cup cakes and shopping πŸŽπŸŽ‡. I like my birthday too…annonce to my family at least a month before.. So they have enough time for buying me present πŸ˜‰

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