Flight Dilemma

My darling friends, I come to you once again for some advice. This time, for those of you who are learned in the ways of airplane tickets.Β 

So I have my summer vacation confirmed and I am looking at flights back to Canada for the week. It’s a whirlwind of a week seeing people and stuff and I return completely exhausted, but it’s worth it to snuggle my puppy so much that he growls at me. He’s also the only entity that I can share my bed with and not be angry at how much room he takes up (literally 3/4 of the bed…he’s a freaking shitzu! He’s so fat and doesn’t care if he takes up the whole thing).

ANYWAYS. I found the PERFECT flight: No stops, leaves Seoul at 3 in the afternoon, arrives at 3 in the afternoon in Toronto (same day, it’s like I just walked there!). Coming back, no stops, Leave at 1:35, arrive at 4:20 in Seoul on Sunday. I go back to work on Monday.

I saved the itinerary a few days ago, and since then it’s gone up $200. Today alone it’s dropped $50 BUT now it leaves seoul at 6pm and arrives in Toronto at 6pm. But coming back is the same.


Do I book now and risk loosing out on the savings if it drops, but I get to keep the awesome departure and arrival times.


Do I wait, in hopes that the price continues to fall, but risk having it go up and the flights changing?!




17 thoughts on “Flight Dilemma

  1. I have problems with that also. I have read that an ideal day to book flights are Wednesday’s and Tuesday’s. (If I remember correctly). Google it and you’ll get flight tips. I am a pro at saving money on flights. Try all those different sites–Expedia, cheap flights.com, cheapo-air.com, Travelocity. I know there are others also. Good luck!


  2. I’d say book now. Don’t risk losing a flight with times that suit you. There’s no guarantee or reason to expect there will be a sale coming up. Price fluctuations are based on numerous things including increased/decrease in fuel levies and also availability of fare class. There are multiple fare classes within economy, the cheaper ones always sell out first. I used to be a travel agent and there’s not really a cheap day of the week to buy, so don’t wait. Some agencies now offer “price protection” – it came into effect after I left the industry but from my understanding it covers you if the price of your fare drops (due to a sale or something) after you purchase your ticket πŸ˜€

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  3. I’d book now so you don’t lose out on the timing. I’m no pro though but I have a feeling I will be if I keep tagging along whenever my boyfriend has to travel for work. I’m going to Florida in July lol

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