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Last week, I posted my response to a Liebster award. I nominated some great blogs that I can’t live without, check out the post and list here. This is by no means a hard list of the blogs that I love. I have so many that it takes me all morning to read the posts, respond to post/comments and write my own posts for the day. Even longer today since apparently I am putting out THREE posts in 90 minutes. For those who follow my blog, I’m sorry haha!! 

I nominated Merry Moon Child and her response was pretty impressive. She gave great answers, but instead of nominating anyone, she made a separate post with just questions to answer. Since I love answering questions, and because I’m kind of riding a little bit of a giddy train today with it being my birthday, I decided to answer her questions and make this my 3rd post for the morning!

  1. Have you ever been discriminated against in any way? I honestly can’t say that I have been. I guess as a female in a highly male dominated program in university I wasn’t taken as seriously by some professors as I should have been. Does that count? 
  2. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars – but only 4/5/6, the original ones. 
  3. If you could live in a book /TV show/ or movie.. what would it be? I have no idea! 
  4. Have you ever had a nickname? If so, what was it? I’ve had quite a few nicknames in my lifetime. In grade 6/7 I was “Gwen”. A girl I knew said I matched the description of a Gwen in a book she was reading and after that everyone called me Gwen. After that just normal ones, my name starts with T so I get T a lot, Smiley, Giggles, Sunshine (I have a very bubbly personality). Le Brother calls me Loser Face but I call him the same, it’s his way of saying I love you since he never actually tells me haha. And people who are really close to me call me Tri, or Tri Tri. That’s a longish story for a whole separate post. 
  5. Does your family have a “motto” – spoken or unspoken? No, not really? 
  6. Have you ever broken or destroyed something that meant a lot to you? *Accidentally or on purpose…Maybe just relationships? I’ve broken a few of them beyond repair. 
  7. Worst pick-up line you’ve ever  heard? I think I can be 100% truthful in saying I don’t think I’ve ever heard a pickup line directed at me? 
  8. Kindle or actual book? Actual book! I love the way it feels, and the way it smells. I know that is so weird but hear me out! There is something so comforting in the smell of a book, old or new. It calms me and brings back flashes of childhood. 
  9. How would you feel about dating a person of another race? *If you’re already married, what if it were your child doing the dating? Pretty fantastic actually. I try to not say this so bluntly, but since you asked: My “type” 90% of the time is a man of colour. I’m not really attracted to white guys. Like yes, there are a few that I’ve been attracted to, or crushed on, but if a man of colour walks by me, he has my attention. Every single time
  10. Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed if it guaranteed that you’d have immunity from all major diseases? Yeah sure why not? Can I decide which one to go? I’d have to weigh my options a little bit. I do use my fingers a lot for typing. Maybe a pinkie? I could live without a pinkie. 
  11. Do you feel satisfied with the course of your life so far? Kind of yes, kind of no. I can’t say that I have too many major regrets in life so far. A few times I wish I would have spoken up or said something different. But I’m happy in life. I’m happy with where life, and God, has taken me. Sometimes I wish my life would be different, like if I could have the life my mom wants for me (married with children and a house to care for) but I’m not sure that would make me happy. I know right now it wouldn’t. 


Well, there ya go Merry Moon Child! I hope you like my answers. Like you, I tend to write a lot when I answer these types of things. This was fun! If anyone else wants to play along, click the links at the top of the post! Create pingbacks to Merry Moon and myself so we can see your answers! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Answers to Questions

  1. Happy birthday! I have written my answers and put a lot of thought into it only to discover the draft is blank. I am trying to fix that now…really hoping I don’t have to rewrite!!! Does this happen on wordpress???!! Have a great day!!

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