Elections Done Right

Today is national election day in South Korea. And ya know what – it is probably my favourite day thus far in April! (until Friday which is my birthday, and thus becomes the best day in April!) First of all, it’s a national holiday.

That’s right folks! A national holiday.  I have the day off work because it’s election day. Canada – can you get on this bandwagon? Cos that would be great!! I’m sure that voter turnout would triple if you just gave the entire country a day off work so that they could vote.

Secondly, this is what supporters do to get you to notice them and vote for their candidate:

check out the cute Korean auntie dancing around 0:50 hehe 

Sometimes it’s a little bit more of a choreographed dance, but still impressive nonetheless. These music vans just drive up onto the sidewalk and the supports get out and dance it up for a couple hours!

Each candidate has a colour and a number. This was candidate #1. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m not sure what the issues are that they are running on but it’s highly entertaining for me!

Canada’s election process isn’t too bad I’ve got to say. Some people are trying to push away from first past the post, but every system has their flaws. The only thing about the Canadian system is that I hate that I can’t vote for the Prime Minister or Premier separately from my riding. Let’s get a little technical for a second, and I apologize if you can’t follow my thinking (half the time I can’t follow it so how can I expect you to?)

Ok so I’m an NDP girl. The NDP is the socialist party in Canada, and no that doesn’t mean I’m all in for communism or some extreme form of socialism. But I support programs that support Canadians and I think the NDP does a good job outlining their commitment to that.

However, I’ve never voted NDP in an election. My riding has never had a quality candidate. If I can’t vote NDP then I usually default to Conservative. Again, don’t get all freaked out over this, know that I completely hate Stephen Harper. What idiot prorogues government as many times as he did? Gah he makes me so angry!!

And then, there were times when I was living in Kitchener, Ontario and I worked with one of the candidate’s sons. He was a sweet guy and I met his mother, the liberal candidate, one several occasions. She had won my riding so many times in a row and she always delivered on her promises, so I always voted for her.

There is always this constant struggle for me between the candidate that will do my riding the most good, and the person that I want to be PM or Premier (depending on the election). They are hardly ever from the same party which sucks because I will mostly likely vote for the person representing my riding. Their actions will be the ones that I will most likely be affected by so it is more important to me to have that person be someone that I want in office.

How about you? Do you have this internal struggle too? Maybe I’m just too invested since I spent 5 years of my life studying politics?

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