It hurts to laugh

Do you ever have those days where the world is weighing down on you and everything is going wrong and it physically hurts to laugh? Today is not one of those days.

On Saturday I posted that I was going to try pilates for the first time ever in my apartment. I found this video

a few days earlier and decided that it looked easy enough for even me to attempt. I had some great feedback on my earlier post about fitness and was confident that 25 minutes would not, in fact, kill me.

Now, being a Fattie, I don’t really exercise that much. I do have my yoga mat and yoga app which I love! But I have been ignoring it for about 2 months I’d say. I’m out of, out of shape (yes the double is needed). I like yoga because even if I can’t get into the pose exactly (because I’m not that flexible or because my largeness is in the way) I can still do the pose and feel it working.

I had spent Saturday morning speed walking to my dentist appointment, and then taking an hour long leisurely walk around a lake so I thought I was nice and ready to try this pilates thing. Well let me tell you right now: I was not.

It started off fine, I can’t really get my back flat on the mat like she says since my butt sticks out too far (yeah I’ve got a booty). But through a few minutes of re positioning myself I was almost flat. I half-assed it (sorry for the swears peeps) and was completely destroyed within 5 minutes. How could anyone keep this up for a whole hour?!

Closer to the end, the video has us go into child’s pose, which I know from yoga! You sit back on your feet with your arms out front (or at your sides).


provided via google search

Even this pose I can’t do all the way – my legs are too thick to get my butt all the way down to my feet but I can still half do it, which works and still stretches everything out. The lady in the video started to explain this “down down up up”  move. I can’t find a picture but its in the video above. You go into a “girl” pushup (on your knees not your toes) and then you go down on one elbow, then the next, then push up with one hand then the next.

Well there I was sitting in child’s pose, and I go to cross my ankles and I have the BIGGEST charlie horse in my calf I think I have ever had. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stretch it out. All I could do was whimper softly into my yoga mat until it stopped. Thankfully just in time with the video to start doing the down down up up’s! Which I found quite nice to do! Even though I can’t actually get into a plank position needed for a pushup….yet that is!

I could barely finish the routine, but I finished it!! But like with the least amount of effort possible.

I woke up Sunday morning and I was like “I can do this!” (Remember I told you I’m stubborn?) But I decided to do yoga first. I have a sun salutation that takes 15 minutes and is so easy. It’s like muscle memory at this point since I’ve done it so many times, but it really stretches out my body. Well I could barely get into the easiest of poses without wincing. By the end, I was nice and stretched out but also exhausted. I decided to wait and do pilates later. I watched a movie and decided to do them before starting dinner.

This time I knew what I was doing, or at least expected to do. I set myself up, and was able to complete probably 50% of the video this time! I was impressed!! I even felt it in my ab muscles which I hadn’t the day before. My breathing was better, and my technique was better.

The only thing is that today it hurts to laugh, and stand, and sit and move. It’s not my whole body just my tail bone, my legs, my pecks, my abs, my shoulders 🙂

There is a plus side to all of the pain! If you ever want to decrease what you make for dinner or what you eat: work out right before. Your arms will be too tired to cook, and you’ll feel so exhausted that food looses all it’s appeal. Small meals were had all around this weekend!

Now to only make it through the class on Friday and be able to move the next day to get to my dentist appointment….


14 thoughts on “It hurts to laugh

  1. As a fellow fattie, I feel you. As a fellow fattie who is old with creaky joints from RA, I admire you for doing the Pilates but it makes me wince just thinking about it. Think I’m going to try Tai Chi so I’m at least doing something! Best of luck continuing on. Can’t wait to hear about your progress.

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  2. Well done!! I used to do Pilates twice a week for over a year (during my “thinner” days). People used to make snide, sarcastic comments about the level of intensity or effort of Pilates. I had my ex come to a class and he was crying like a little girl not even halfway in. Pilates is no joke. The haters need to realize this. It’s like a way harder form of yoga. What I LOVE about both is that so many moves are done on the floor! Love me some laying down 😉

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  3. Great job! I know the soreness is rough, but think of the day when you will do the same video, get through it without a hiccup, and feel no soreness the next day. Stick with it and I know it will happen. I like doing workout videos at home too, and I have some videos that halfway through I was like “Are you freaking kidding me? You expect me to do that?” But I can make it through the whole video now. It’s so satisfying when you stick with something and see yourself getting better at it.

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    • Yes i am very excites for the day wheb i can get through it with no problems haha! I like doing them at home mostly because i can pause them, take a breath and then start up again hehe. The break today has been really good! Cant wait to get back at it!

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    • Don’t be worried about it! I am so out of shape and it works for me 🙂 I love yoga. It’s so relaxing and the deep breathing helps to keep you calm and decreases stress. It also decreased blood pressure too 🙂 youtube is awesome to try yoga

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    • i highly recommend it! 🙂 I really love it! I’m so glad I’ve gotten back into it this week, after a few months of not doing it. I hope that I can squeeze in some classes at the fitness centre, but my last class ends at 8 and the last yoga class of the night starts at 8 haha. thankfully the studio is right across the hall from my hogwan

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