Plans are for schmucks

A trend in my life lately is that I will make plans for something and then life decides that it has a better plan changes things up on me. For life, this is highly amusing. For me, not so much. 

About a week or so ago, something happened to my one tooth and it has been in pain ever since. I found an English speaking dentist and made an appointment for this morning. I triple checked the address and directions on the website before heading out this morning. It was a 45 min subway ride but for someone who speaks English I figure it was worth it. I told the leader of the book club I just joined that I wouldn’t be able to make it (thinking I was going to have a frozen mouth) and was all excited to get my tooth fixed.

I was expecting the subway trains to be empty at 9am on a Saturday morning but they were packed! I reach my destination and the website says to take exit 4. So I did. It says that it’s 400m from the subway. Um yeah that was a HUGE lie. I leave the subway, walk a little bit and realize that I have no idea where I am going. I have the address on my phone so I ask someone passing by. He doesn’t speak English but he’s calling every other person to come over and help me – it was so sweet. I walk about 2 minutes in one direction and come across a hotel. The desk manager, who spoke English very well, gave me a map of the area. But one with like pictures drawn on of things in the area? Like this, but of a city! haha


For someone like me, having landmarks drawn in cartoon form is the best kind of map.

I had arrived at the subway station 25 minutes before my appointment, thinking “oh walking 400m isn’t going to take me 25 minutes” Well, once I started out again, in the opposite direction that I first started walking, I called the dentist and told them I would be a little late. I arrived (after getting semi-turned around once more) only 10 minutes late! But since I was late, they had given my slot to a walk in. I filled out the “first time” papers and waited my turn. They even had time to give me a cleaning in addition to looking at/fixing my tooth. HURRAY! I thought this was turning out great!

Wrong again. Life decided to be extra mean today.

I get back into the checkup room and they can’t get treatment or xrays approved because my insurance isn’t coming up. They tried spelling my name a few different ways, but if the system has it saved as GIGGLING FATTIE but you type it in as Giggling Fattie, it won’t show up. Even if you have the right registration number. To wrap up this story, I have to go back NEXT Saturday, the day after my first pilates class, at 10am again to get my tooth looked at and have my cleaning. But I need to bring my insurance card. Without it, it is literally 10 times more money. Health coverage in Korea is da bomb. Last time I was here, 5 years ago, I paid $60 to get a cleaning done, and it was a double appointment. Cleaning, then a week later go back and reclean, no extra money. SIXTY DOLLARS PEOPLE. And it was the best cleaning I’ve ever had. I really can’t say this enough: everything is better in Korea.

Well, since the subway stop that I had to get off at is called Central Park, I took my camera along with me. I wanted to get pictures of the Cherry blossoms! Where I got off was at the start of this amazing park. So since I now had the entire day free having no appointment or book club, I slowly made my way back to the park and took the long way around the lake there. The blossoms weren’t out in full bloom, but a few trees were covered already. It took a nice hour to make it all the way around, and I got some amazing pictures! (or at least I hope I did, it was grey and foggy and depressing out today. I haven’t looked at them yet. I’ll post them later if they are any good.)

Heading back to Jakjeon at around 12:30, I was exhausted! The day is grey and cold and damp, and the ordeal of the morning had zapped all my energy. I made the choice once I was on the subway to see if I could get my nails done – I was out, I was going right to that station anyways, it just meant getting off the train instead of staying on straight to Jakjeon. I walked up and there was literally not one other person at the nail place I go to! My regular girl was working but since she’s moving to Canada in June so she had another girl do my nails. This new girl, Sue, lived in Vancouver to study English. Life was at least kind enough to give me people who have lived in Canada to talk with over my nails.

So the day wasn’t totally wasted. I even think I might try out that pilates video that I saw on youtube a few days ago! Plus I have been nominated by Hot Mess for a Liebster award so I’ll be getting around to that as well! YES – off to pilates before I change my mind to be lazy!

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