Free Fitness

I work in a strange building. In Korea, I find that a lot of buildings seem to have a mish-mash of occupants, often leading to some comical combinations. 

The building in which I work is mainly a fitness centre. In the basement there is a swimming pool, the second floor has all the equipment rooms, the third floor has a yoga studio and the hogwan that I work at, and the top floor is for offices of the owner. Along the outter wall of each floor from 1-3 is a driving range as well. On the first floor, there are lockers, a Starbucks and a Burger King. I have always laughed at this – have your workout and your burger all in one place!

Since I work in the building, I was told that I have free access to the pool, the gym facilities (aka the showers and stuff, like when my pipes froze in the winter and I was told to just use to the facilities at the gym instead of my apartment…cos I’d want to be running down the street every time I had to use the bathroom all winter….right), and all the equipment. Classes were available as well but at an extra cost.

Since I have a yoga app on my ipad, I just bought a mat and decided to do yoga at home for fitness. It worked well for about a week and now it’s very random. Whenever I feel the urge to do it haha. Which, unfortunately, isn’t very often these days.

On Wednesday, a flyer showed up at the hogwan. Now yoga and pilates classes are free for those people working in the building. Yoga is on Tues/Thurs and pilates is Mon/Wed/Fri. My co-teacher wants to start doing the classes so she’s asked me to join her. I’ve only taken one yoga class in my entire life, but it was fun. I’ve never tried pilates. I checked out youtube and watched a little bit of a lesson, I might actually try it at home this weekend since all you need is a yoga mat. It looks like it could be fun! Painful, but in a good way 🙂

So we’re all registering now, and I think we’ll be going to a class next Friday. My first pilates class and my birthday all on the same day! The class starts at 8, but I work until 8. I’m hoping its in the studio right across the hall from the hogwan so I can still go. And I can let my class out 5 minutes early if I want to I think. I have been lately and there hasn’t been a problem ever. The director does it all the time.

I’m a little nervous about it, but I’m sure the experience will make for a great post next Saturday morning! Looking forward to sharing my pain with you all 🙂

12 thoughts on “Free Fitness

    • I love yoga!! The app I have on my ipad, is usually like $15 but I got it during a day it was free. And I usually just do the 15 minute program in the morning which really wakes me up and sets me up for the day! Low-impact and just great stretching

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    • Oooo excellent!! I had a friend on facebook tell me the first time she did pilates she couldn’t even finish the class and even her fingers hurt the next day – I started to panic a little bit lol


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