#atozchallenge – Gustavia

Another tropical destination for my A to Z challenge – capital city bucket list! 

Today’s capital city is Gustavia, the capital of Saint Barthélemy, or as most of you might know it, St. Barts.

Once again, tropical places aren’t really high on my list since my skin reflects sunlight better than a mirror, but it is very beautiful and seems to have some cute museums and things. It might just make it onto the permanent list!

Check out the St. Bart’s tourism website to get some extra information http://www.saintbarth-tourisme.com/en/sejourner/page/visit-gustavia.html

For even more ideas, Trip Advisor gives a list of 10 things to do in Gustavia.

Other Cities:
Glasgow (Scotland). While I know that Glasgow isn’t a capital city, it has definitely made the list of places I need to visit. I have technically been there, if you count driving in at around 7pm at night, eating in my hotel, sleeping, packing up and leaving by 8 the next morning as “being there”. My tour group decided to see an extra sight, cutting our Glasgow time in half, then our bus hit major traffic coming into Glasgow when I was in Scotland so we missed all the time that was planned to do activities in the city. The next morning we took a detoured route out of the city just to see a little bit more of it from the windows of the bus.

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