#atozchallenge – Edinburgh

Today, we take a quick little jump from Dublin, right on over to Edinburgh.Β 

Not only is Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland (although some internet sources state Glasgow as the capital), but it’s also the capital city of my heart! (Sweet baby Jesus, I just re-read that sentence while editing! I am so very very lame).

I’ve already been to Edinburgh but only for a grand total of 38 hours. Which, while it is enough time for my heart to rip out of my chest and set up a home there, it is definitely not enough time for a person to explore of all what Edinburgh has to offer. Even the tourist websiteΒ http://thisisedinburgh.com/ recommends at least 48 hours! I didn’t have the time to see any museums or art galleries or visit parks or go on a hike. At least I got to see the Military Tattoo which was phenomenal!

Now to just cement my love affair with the city, please enjoy the following pictures from my own collection, imagine a love sick heart quietly beating with each new picture, longing to be reunited with it’s one true love! (I’m sorry, it’s all cheese today folks)

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