Days of Insanity

So, aside from being followed off the train at Seoul Station by a man, the last few days have been a little insane. Let’s talk about the top 4 insane things shall we?  I had to decide what I was doing about my birthday, I have to concur my anxiety and head to the dentist, I’m seriously considering cutting off all my hair, and I’m majorly crushing on a student.

Let’s start from the last item on that list and work backwards.

Before ya’ll get upset that I’m a teaching crushing on a student, let me point out he’s an adult. Like a real adult, not one of those “omg he’s 18 so he’s an adult“. I have an adult conversation class, and he is like 25-30. Although Koreans age really well he could be older…it’s really hard to tell! But a Korean co-teacher of mine says he looks 30 so I’ll take her word for it. Anyways, he’s smart and attractive, and speaks English well (at least what I’ve noticed in the one class we’ve had so far). He has an amazing style, and fantastic hair. I’m never really one to notice hair, but he has amazing hair.

I am really seriously considering chopping off all my hair. As I’ve mentioned before in posts about my hair, I have about 75-80% of my hair left. What I do have left, is down to my shoulders which I put into two braids before flicking under the edge of Doris every day. Well it’s the first week in April and already Doris is too hot! I’ve never worn her in the summer before, and Korean summers are so much more humid than Canadian. So each day that I put my hair in braids, I contemplate just taking scissors and snipping the braids off at the base of my neck. It would be beneficial in so many ways!

Some how during the last two weeks I have damaged a tooth so now I have to go to the dentist. I’m hoping I’ve just cracked a filling or something. I found an English speaking dentist who has about 12 different degrees. She studied in the US and when I called her office, the receptionist was able to speak English almost perfectly with me. It’s a 45 minute subway ride, but I think having the guarantee that I will see an English speaking dentist makes it worth the trip. I just have to survive through the pain until Saturday morning.

Lastly, my birthday is in 10 days. YAY!!! I love my birthday! This year I wasn’t going to ask for anything since I’m here and I really don’t need anything. But I remember how Christmas went with my parents (I said no gifts, my mom froze me out, bought me something anyways but won’t mail it to me because she thinks it will get stolen in the process, my dad just kept transferring small amounts of money into my bank account) so I decided that I should think of something or suffer the fall out. I noticed that my watch has stopped working properly (maybe has something to do with sand being in it….) so I found a new watch that I want. An actual watch, not on a chain like my current one, but one for my wrist. But it’s super expensive, so I’m hoping that it will satisfy my parent’s need to buy me things to just donate towards the cause. I have a few styles that I’m considering, just have to narrow it down!

12 thoughts on “Days of Insanity

    • Hehe I’m the same way! 🙂 Unfortunately the student shall forever remain just that. It’s written into my contract that I’m not allowed to be involved with students or staff, when i signed it I was like “seriously they had to put students in here? the oldest im teaching is 12” lol had no idea i’d be teaching adults lol

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  1. Hey, I’m so glad I found your blog. I can’t wait to learn more about your experiences teaching English in South Korea. I got a bit confused in this post when you mentioned Doris, but I figured it out. I’ll have to find your earlier posts about your hair. Can you tell me the titles, please?

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    • Hey there! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 I’m glad you like it! If you check out my “all about me” page, there are some links there that tell about my hair issues, those are the most detailed ones, others just mention it in passing.


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