#atozchallenge – Dublin, Dijon

Day four of the A to Z Challenge, today I’m going to feature two cities. Because I just couldn’t pick one! 

Up first, the capital of Ireland: Dublin. Of course, once I was in Dublin I would tour all of Ireland (or at least as much as I could!) but that can be said of any city on this list. That one drop of Irish blood in me from maybe 2 or 3 Irish ancestors has been calling me to Ireland for a long time! I wish I could just post all the pictures on google – ya’ll just go to google, type in Visit Dublin and then just look at all the pictures. Actually just do that for all the cities, since that’s what I do haha.


Dublin’s tourist website: http://www.visitdublin.com/home/

Now, because I couldn’t make this hard decision, today I will have a second city listed. I wanted to do only capital cities of countries, but I really need to showcase Dijon as well, which is the capital city of the Burgundy region in France.



So here are 13 reasons why you should definitely visit Dijon before you die. 8. Jardin botanique de l'Arquebuse

Images taken from here

Dijon’s tourist webstie: http://www.destinationdijon.com/en/

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