Tales From the Subway

Today was an interesting day, and it has inspired a new category here on my blog: Tales from the Subway. Things that happen to me while I’m on the subway here in Korea. It should have happened earlier, but alas, here we are. 

Today I set out to go to Seoul. My weather app said the high for today was suppose to be 10 degrees, and now at 5pm it says its 20. It was GORGEOUS. I got to wear one of my new shirts from a few weeks ago, I felt amazing from the sunshine. Just an all around great day.

There was a Van Gogh art exhibit at one of the museums in Seoul. It was literally right at the subway entrance (once I worked my way up 5 different levels to the surface). It was around 11:20 so I decided to pop into the adjoining outlet mall for a snack before attempting the exhibit. The exhibit was really well done. There weren’t any of his original pieces like I was hoping for but it was more like a light installation. Each room had these intricate light displays, where his paintings would come alive and flow from one wall to the next, all around the room. It was so beautiful! I took some videos but can’t figure out how to post them – so I’m sorry!! But here are a few still photos:


These two were from the last room I was in. I wanted to really experience the exhibit so I tried to keep my phone away.

It only took about 45 minutes to go through the whole thing, so when I got out, I jumped back onto the subway and headed to my favourite place in all of Seoul – Insadong. There I went to this amazing tea house, and basically had ice cream and cake for lunch. I’m an adult gosh darn it so if I want ice cream and cake for lunch then that’s what I’ll have! Then I took a stroll along Insadong market and came to a jewellery shop. I was looking for just a plain chain but walked away with the second picture. It’s silver and hand made. And I should have checked the price before trying it on and falling in love with it (120,000!) But it’s mine now so what’s done is done haha! I think I wont even bother replacing the necklace that broke now (Scottish thistles from Edinburgh and a tree with an inscription on the back), I’ll just wear this one all the time.


Now the fun part happens! I get back on the subway and was planning on just staying on line 1 all the way to Bupyeong and then transferring to get back to Jakjeon instead of switching at Seoul Station and having to deal with the insanity there (even though it’s much faster to transfer at Seoul Station). So I get on the train and I didn’t want to stand in front of the doors so I chose a spot half way between doors, kind of close to this pretty hot caramel man standing at the other door.

I’m standing there, holding on, looking all cute in my Korean clothes, feeling all pretty with my new necklace and my red beautiful nails, listening to music feeling fly (I refuse to believe that if I feel like I’m crushing it, that I can’t say that I feel like I’m crushing it. I felt amazing and beautiful so ya’ll need to know too!) Anywho…, so beautiful caramel man had moved away from the doors, and I watched in the reflection of the window as he passed me and then just stopped on the other side of me. I kind of fiddled with my phone a little bit but I could see him looking at me in the reflection of the widow. Like really starring at me….not just a casual glance.

Now my confidence is just out of control. Not only do I feel like I’m all that, but now this boy moves, and is just starring at me. So I look up and give him one of my cute little smiles (I’m sure they aren’t as cute as I image they are in my head, but we can all pretend) which he returns and then I go back to fiddling with my phone, and checking the station information on the sign. I can still feel him looking at me.

I look up to check that I was in fact going to the right way and then I catch his eye again, he was still looking at me, so he says “hi”. I take out an earbud and say hi back. We start to talking, you know the general stuff: where are you from, what are you doing in Korea etc. He was from Sri Lanka, and he has a business in Korea. He asked me where I was going so I said to the Bupyeong area, and then he starts to pry….like some guys can pull this off and not instantly become sketchy, but not this guy. As much as I wanted him to stay in the “hot caramel man with muscles and a really great accent” category, he transformed in about 3 seconds by just asking where I lived, in a creepy way.

Then I was out. I decided to get off at Seoul Station and work the maze that is the transferring process instead of staying on the train all the way to Bupyeong. Thank goodness I hadn’t missed the stop yet! So I made my excuses, said it was my stop and walked towards a door. Then he followed me. Like ok, recognize the signs and just no dude…no.

He was a few people away from me since they were all getting ready to exit the subway car when it came to a stop, but he maneuvered his way around so that he was beside me again. Now he asked if my family was here, and then asked if I was a missus. I didn’t understand at first so he rephrased “are you married?” “oo, no” *nervous laugh*. Now ladies, I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced this before but the way he was looking at me completely changed. It was like he saw an in and was going to take it! “Oh? How old are you?” “…..28..” “Yeah? I’m 24” (great buddy…..when is the stop coming?!) “Oh that’s cool” “why aren’t you married?” “I don’t want to be…not really interested in it right now” “can I get your number?” “um…..no….sorry……thanks but no…” “why not? I’m a good time, not bad.” and he said some other stuff too but I wasn’t really listening.

Thank goodness the stop arrived!! I got off as fast as possible, and he actually got off too!! I squeezed through the crowd and didn’t see him again, but omg!

Maybe I was being a little too over-protective of myself, but sometimes there is just a “hmmm you’re a little creepy…” vibe that I get from people, even though he was pretty much the exact type of person I would have loved to give my number to….if he wasn’t a little sketch and maybe if he was a few years older….

And thus! Tales from the Subway has been born.

16 thoughts on “Tales From the Subway

  1. I agree with jleigh1902, awesome you followed that gut feeling, little voice….whatever you call it. Had you given him your number, you could be in a Sri Lanka brothel by now being shot up with heroin, awaiting your next John.

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