A Series of Sarahs – Munchkin Sarah’s

I have finally reached the end of my Series of Sarahs. The next time I start something like this, someone please stop me! While it has been very therapeutic to go through my past dealings with Sarah’s in my life, it has also opened my eyes to the fact that I was kind of a horrible person in my younger days! And that I know way too many Sarah’s! 

So my last “Sarah” isn’t really one person, but a collection of people. These are students who I teach. I’m going to lump them into one group since I have started to see a trend, both in Canada and in Korea.

In Canada, any student named Sarah (or Sara) is usually (90% of the time), kind of tallish for her age, a little bit of a tom boy, not in with the popular girls, shy, mousy, with a killer quarky personality. She has one or two really close friends who she can become extremely silly with if left unchecked. She loves to read, and is for the most part a good student to teach.

In Korea, any student named Sarah (never Sara) is always the best in the class, has black hair (never brown), has glasses in a colour other than black, and wears braces. She takes time to get to know me personally outside of just a teacher roll, and is all around a very sweet person.

And that my friends is the last of my Sarah’s.


Now since the high temp for today is 10 degrees, and it’s already 16 (not even 10am yet) this chicky is heading off to Seoul! Art exhibits here I come!


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