#atozchallenge – Athens

Today marks the first day of the A to Z Challenge! Over the next 26 days (skip over Sundays), I will be posting names of capital cities I’d like to visit. Some days (like E) won’t be a capital city, but we can let that slide! 🙂 I’ll also include a link if you want to learn more about that city and the tourist attractions it has to offer.

So let’s get started! 

Today’s capital city is Athens, the capital city of Greece.

Monastiraki square

For information on things to see and places to go in Athens, visit: http://www.visitgreece.gr/en/main_cities/athens

Other Cities:
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

18 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – Athens

  1. Wonderful start to the A/Z month! Looking forward to read more of your city posts! yikes! the time difference means lot’s have already started…here it’s still the 31st for a little while longer! … Best wishes for a fabulous month! 🙂

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  2. While I’ve been to Greece, I haven’t visited Athens — only passed through the airport. It’s most certainly a place I’d like to visit at length, so much history to immerse into. Great pictures, and thank you for keeping the post short. 🙂

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    • Ooo that sounds so sad! And you are welcome! haha I was going to write more, but it just seemed to get out of hand so I decided just on pictures lol. maybe it will save my sanity through the whole challenge?


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