I’m a horrible teacher

I think we can probably call this a monthly feature, since this is pretty much my fourth time doing it since I moved to Korea. 

It’s final test time once again and I feel like a complete failure! With marks rolling in like 3/15, 9/27, I’m feeling the pain! Its these few days where I have to mark final tests and write comments that the self-doubt kicks in and I just kind of spiral down into this pit of “Omg I’m messing these kids up!” or a “GAH why do I even have to give final tests?! It’s not like the marks matter anyways?!” I’m pretty bipolar for 2-4 days….

Of course, since the tests only take about 15 minutes, we have some time to kill. Thanks to Netflix, I now fill that time with cartoons. Today, I started watching this Larva show. It’s completely cray cray ya’ll! There is no talking so it’s great for my monkeys. It’s just two worms, a red one and a yellow one, being mean and/or nice to each other. And I find it hilarious!! But that could just be the sleep deprived, over caffeinated T talking (I told you I found Twinings earl grey right?!) Anyways, here is a youtube clip – check it out!

In other news, I finally met noisy neighbour! It only took 4 months!! Ran into him tonight. I was getting off the elevator, he was getting on it. I have to say, he’s not exactly what I pictured…. much older than I expected. Most people living in these single’s apartments are younger folks. At least now I have a face I can picture punching when he wakes me up at 7am composing his ever famous phlegm symphonies!

9 thoughts on “I’m a horrible teacher

    • That’s so sweet! Thanks so much 🙂 I do love my job like 90% of the time, just feel like when I tell them to study pages 37,39 and 56 and that I will be using the questions from the book, they should be getting more than 3/15 haha. Children are frustrating sometimes lol

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      • I understand. I truly believe the children’s want for a better education has lessened through the years. I guess I blame parents. I mean, where did we drop the ball? Why is learning and education not pushed and pressed in households? It is THE most important thing you can have. A good education. I was watching the morning news this morning and here in the states, there is a new internet trend that involves slipping on banana peels. It’s so mindless and stupid I had to change the channel as they talked about how many likes or retweets this bullshit is getting. I am losing faith in humanity, for many reasons. This being one.

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        • Yes absolutely! In Korea it’s a little different, education is very high on parent’s priorities. And especially English. Children have so many activities going they hardly have time to sleep! But since I don’t speak Korean I feel like there is a lack of respect from certain students that trumps what I’ve seen in Canada. They respect their Korean teachers more and work harder for them. But then their test scores really matter…not so much mine lol

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          • I understand them doing that. But yea, they’ve gotta make the grades. So they’ve gotta end up working hard for you wether they like it or not. I see how that aspect is different from American schools. As teachers, they are graded on their students performance. The student cares NOT and the teacher is graded. It’s a joke. We are teaching our students that someone will pick up their slack, will take their responsibility from them. I work as a teachers assistant. And the certified teachers go through the ringer to get their kids to pass. I’ve seen them change grades it give the kids extra time-like a couple extra weeks to finish, modify grades so that the kid passes. Even though the kid doesn’t know enough. And this is protocol in the department I work in. To me that is considered lying or cheating the student. But in the uS, they put such an emphasis on test scores instead of if kids are actually learning. It’s a Fucking joke, pardon my French. We need some serious help in our education system. It stretches into family life, though. We can’t make the parents be good parents. We can’t make the kids want to learn. And passing them hurts them and our whole society in the long run. Ggrrrrrrrr……

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            • Yes I totally agree with all of that! It’s one of the reasons why I left teaching in Canada. I hated it. Although I do understand for some students they need the modified or alternative programs, which I had no problem working into my teaching, but it had to be a valid, medically documented reason for an individual plan to take place. There is a lot of pressure on me to have the kids do well here but at least its not that bad. One of my co-teachers said that my grades don’t really matter, so the stress isn’t that bad but it’s still there. I think I’m going to see if I can switch hogwans when my contract is up. I have a contact at another school so maybe I can switch? But that’s like 8 months away or more haha. My director is still kind of new so he’s still learning the ropes as well.

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