#atozchallenge pre-post!

Yes, I really did mean pre-post, as in the post prior to the challenge hehe! 

Ok! So the #atozchallenge starts tomorrow, and as I have mentioned before, I will be writing about cities I want to visit. Like any well thought out plan, I have done zero research! Well no, maybe 5%. I have a calendar filled with 53 cities I want to write about ( but only 26 days…), but no posts have been pre-written.

However, due to time constraints I will probably suspend my regular blogging habits for the month of April. There will be days where I will just have to write to get it out (like I noticed during my Friending February mission) but mostly it will just be A to Z posts, which is cool! It’s like my own personal travel bucket list (which in all honesty is the only bucket list I have).

Don’t worry if you message me post ideas, I will still write about them and will still be here to answer any comments and such things. I literally can’t stay away from my blog for more than 12 hours without feeling sad and alone (is that healthy? Let’s just say yes..).

I’ll be finishing up the Series of Sarah’s line this weekend as well! Only two more left to go! I had originally planned just one post on all of them but apparently I have a lot to say (and a lot to hide) when it comes to the Sarah’s in my life hehe.

Happy last day of March everyone!! I can’t believe it’s already over! Big things this month include my dad’s birthday on the 1st and my birthday on the 15th! Gifts can be sent to “The Canadian Ginger in Incheon” I’m pretty sure I’m the only one 😉

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8 thoughts on “#atozchallenge pre-post!

  1. I am procrastinating as well! Zero posts pre-written for the challenge. I had this plan to take a bunch of pictures over the weekend (a lot are family related and we were all together for Easter) but then we got home late Sunday night and I realized I hardly took any pictures. And none of what I was supposed to! Oops!

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    • It’s totally fun!! And i’m sure you can still join in! Just tag your posts with #atozchallenge 🙂 you won’t be able to officially sign up for it since registration closed April first I believe, but people follow the hashtag and will still see your posts! 🙂

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