A Series of Sarahs – Sara 4

I know that I’ve already posted today, but I wanted to get this one in before Thursday! I am trying really hard to keep to my 300 Thursdays. 

Sara 4 was another one that I met in high school. I’m not sure when exactly but we were friends in grade 12. She was tall and beautiful. She was a year older than me and stayed for an extra year (that was common and still is). Once we started having classes together, we became very close.

When I started grade 12 I think I was a little vulnerable to new people. I had finally ended my friendship with Sarah 2 the summer before, and because of that I had a big fall out with the majority of my other really close friends. Sara 4 however was there to fill the void. She was very popular and it was a major ego boost for me to say she was my friend.

She always dated athletes, a Cuban soccer player from another school, a Kitchener Ranger (which she had to keep hidden otherwise she be shunned). She was an only child and exemplified all the negative stereotypes that are usually attached to the title. She was spoiled and self-centered, thinking that everything was to go her way. Yet still I was lucky to be her friend.

I still had a small group of other friends, the one that Sara 3 was in, but I just wanted to be around Sara 4. She was everything I had aspired to be in high school. One day we went to visit her dad in a near by city, and I met her childhood best friend. While we were together, it was like they were sisters almost. But on the drive home, her entire attitude switched – calling this girl a slut and fat and all those nasty things that girls call each other. This should have been a warning sign to me that she wasn’t the type of person I wanted in my life, but I just let it go, even though in the back of my head I was wondering what she would say about me when I wasn’t around.

We both started university at the same time. I stayed in town and went to Wilfrid Laurier in Waterloo, while Sara 4 enrolled in Brock for sports medicine. Later that year she stopped going to classes and eventually dropped out of Brock – she was in a predominately male program and she said that she was being singled out and harassed for being one of the only females there. She ended up transferring to WLU, and was all set to join me at the school in September.

Of course, life doesn’t always turn out how you plan. She was having problems with her mother and her mom’s new husband. One thing led to another and by the middle of the summer she had been kicked out of her house in Waterloo. It was too late to get into residence, and she didn’t want to live with her dad, who was a 45 minute drive from school (even after he said he would buy her a car, pay for the insurance and gas and all other expenses). So, being the completely enlightened 19 year old that I was, I convinced my parents to let her move into my brother’s room for the school year.

Things were great at first! It was fun having a sister. We had a few squabbles in the beginning but like she said, she wasn’t used to living with other people so we’d just talk things out. My parents had wanted $300 in rent (plus phone calls only) but somehow we had convinced them to go to $150, which was her child support payment or something. She of course wasn’t going to be working during the school year.In our big fight at the end, it turns out she had actually only paid them $115 each month…

She even helped me with makeup and hair tips. One of my favourite photos from that year was when she did my hair and makeup for a work evening out. At that time she was “dating” (sleeping with whenever he came to town) a rising NHL star. Now I’m not 100% sure of it’s truth so I’m not going to say who it was, just in case it wasn’t true. But for her birthday she did get a platinum heart necklace covered in diamonds delivered so I’m guessing that maybe it was?  For that work night out she let me wear the necklace! While I personally shudder at the mere mention of this hockey player’s name because I personally think he’s a big jerk, it was a thrill to have that type of bling around my neck for a few hours.

Then the little things started to creep up – you know the annoying things that happen when you move in with friends. She was always hogging the bathroom, making a big fuss over her long distance charges on the phone bill, pulling her “only child” routine, expecting me to drive the 20 minutes from home to campus to drop off her running shoes because she wanted to go to the gym between classes, being the biggest baby when she was sick, never cleaning up after herself etc.

All these little things kept building up inside and I started to resent the fact that she was living there. Then one day, I was walking through the kitchen and I heard our dog snap at something, then a little yelp. I hurried over to where he was to check on him. He was getting very old at this point, had a heart murmur and cataracts. And he hated Sara 4. What had happened was, she had these pig slippers, and when she walked the heads wiggled. Well, not being able to see very well, he snapped at them when they got too close, so she kicked him (a 10lb half blind shitzu!!).

awww what a cutie! 

My mom heard about it and she laid down the law! This was her 12 year old dog and if Sara 4 was going to be like that, she wasn’t welcome in the house anymore! She did it once more and declared “He snapped at me, if your mom’s going to throw me out then let her, but he snapped so he gets kicked”

My feelings toward her continued to spiral to a point of loathing. The tension in the house was rising daily, but my parents refused to get involved. It was my choice to ask her to stay, so it was my choice to ask her to go. Finally I broke and I told my parents that she had to leave. This was the first few days in December. I finally worked up the courage to talk to her on the last day of exams for both of us. I told her that she had to move out by the end of the month (3 weeks away) and that she wasn’t welcome back after Dec 31st.

She went a little crazy, yelling and saying that she was going to talk to my mother about it, to which I screamed as she walked up the stairs “IT WAS MY CHOICE TO ASK YOU TO STAY SO ITS MY CHOICE TO ASK YOU TO LEAVE! SHE WONT CHANGE THIS!!!” Obviously, I was great at keeping my cool in stressful situations 😉

So she moved out, and we didn’t speak for a few months after that. She moved in with her dad and he bought her that car. We saw each other a few times on campus that year and we had pleasant “oh how are you?” “great, you?” conversations when we did. But the friendship never repaired itself.

She did show up at the house in early February looking to collect the last of her things. She had left a few boxes of stuff so I sent her an email saying if she didn’t pick them up by a certain day I would be giving them to goodwill (two months after she moved out was plenty of time to pick them up!) She had given me a koala (maybe I’ll tell you about that a different time…this post is too long) and was looking for it that day, I lied and told her I didn’t know where it was, but if I ever found it I would send it to her. I had already thrown it out…. not sorry I did that. Please don’t judge me too harshly!

Only 2 more posts to go!!

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