A Series of Sarahs – Sara 3

Well twitter has announced that the air quality is already “poor” and probably will go up to “very bad” before I leave work, meaning I won’t even be opening my windows today, it’s a perfect time to write yet another post on another memorable Sarah in my life. 

This is where we break the trend of “Sarah’s” Sara 3 and 4 have no H. For reasons I can’t exactly explain, but Jimmy Fallon seems to have it down:


Sara 3 was a friend from grade 11.She moved to our school and through some mutual friends we became friends. This was around my “I’m so over it cos I rock debate” stage, so I was a little full of myself. I think that’s why we connected so well – we were joined together by our mutual loathing of the high school existence. Cos, well duh, we were way over it.

In grade 12, I was going through this honesty phase. Today, I always answer a question honestly. I don’t feel the need to lie about things. However, I’m not as blunt as I used to be, and I do decide which questions are just a little too personal or inappropriate to answer. One day, Sara 3 got a new hair cut. I was standing in front of a classroom door talking to Sara 4 and our teacher, and Sara 3 comes up and asks me how I liked her new hair cut. Being the honest wonderful friend that I was, I of course said “Oh…I don’t think it looks that great.” Well Sara 4 hid a little giggle (she told me later she agreed) and the teacher was a little shocked. He didn’t think I’d ever say such a thing to anyone. A few weeks later Sara 3 told me I was right, that it was a bad hair cut, but I sill think I was really out of line to say that! 17 year old T was kind of a jerk.

But Sara 3 and I still were great friends. I would take her to youth group with me at my local church, she came to our sleep away camp at the end of August too (where she spent the entire week complaining about hating the outdoors and the bugs and etc etc etc). For a few months she dated one of the guys from the youth group, a really close friend of mine at the time. Although she was upset because after so many months of dating, he still wouldn’t kiss her. His reasoning was that he hadn’t kissed anyone yet and he didn’t want to take her first kiss from her if they weren’t going to end up being very serious together. She didn’t like that and it eventually ended.

We eventually started working together at the grocery store I’ve mentioned before. By that time I was 19, and she was 20. Remember that post from a few weeks ago that I wrote about D who worked at the grocery store and I was infatuated with? Well so was Sara 3. She actually got really drunk one time at a work function and tried to kiss him…on the lips… I have never seen anyone bob out of the way so fast!

Like I said, when Sara 3 and I became friends, it was over a shared loathing of the world. Thankfully I quickly grew out of this phase and returned to my naturally overly bubbly personality that ya’ll know today. By the time I started working at the grocery store, bubbly T was back. The management team seemed to like it, and even though Sara 3 had been working there about 6 months longer than I had, I climbed the ladder past her and she resented that. She eventually switched departments, but I think that was because she didn’t like our new manager, and the fact that I was now assistant manager and she had to listen to me.

She was just a very negative person and she took advantage of me. Like, I’d be driving to work early in the morning for the same shift as her so she’d just expect that I’d be picking her up. She didn’t ask, she’d just say in front of my dad “Ok well I’ll be ready at 7 tomorrow to go to work!” and off she’d run. My dad would always agree to get her. By the time I started driving myself, I was getting annoyed by all that. She didn’t have a license or a car, nor did she have any ambitions to learn to drive. If I went out of my way to pick her up, drive her to work and then drive her home again, I was the horrible friend for expecting gas money for the trouble. “You’re going that way anyways, it’s not like I’m using any extra gas!” she would argue. Finally after having a fling with her new department manager (who had a girlfriend at home) and alienating all the nice people there, she quit.

We remained friends for a little bit after she stopped working there, but eventually the effort put into forcing myself to like her wasn’t worth it. I would dread having to go to events where she was there with her best friend (another negative Nancy). After quitting from the grocery store, the demands on my car didn’t stop. If we were going to the same place, again it was just assumed that I would be driving her. It didn’t matter where I was coming from or where I’d be going after. Eventually things exploded (which they usually always do when you hold things in and let them build up) and it was Sara 3 + her bff, and then the rest of us. So they were pretty much annexed from the group. Peace was restored and calm returned to our little group.

And thus concludes Sara 3. I figured it out last night and only 3 more posts to go!! Like I said in the first Sarah post, there have been a lot of Sarah’s in my life haha!


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