A Series of Sarahs – Sarah 2

I met Sarah #2 in grade 8. I had just moved into Kitchener and there were two grade 8 classes (A and B). We sometimes had classes together (like homeroom and gym) so I saw this Sarah all the time even though I was in 8A and she was in 8B. We became fast friends and soon did everything together! She was even the first person to take me to my first hockey game. We were like sisters.

When I moved from a small town into the city, I drastically changed my personality. Well maybe I didn’t change it, but allowed it to come out more? In the small town I was always so shy and quiet, but in the city I was allowed to be fun and more out going! I went from having one friend, to having many! And Sarah was one of the best ones (or so I thought).

Then we started lying to each other. At first it was small things – she had lived in Cornwall, right near the boarder to Quebec and was very proud of her French skills. One time in class I got a better grade than her on a quiz (by like 2%) and was like “OMG! I did better than you!” (as she always did to me) and she flipped out! So from then on, I always lied about my scores.

Then it turned into bigger lies (ones I’m not proud of so I’m not going to lay them all out here….that would take like 5 posts….) She is the one I posted about (at least I think I did?) where a mutual friend of ours had introduced me to her cousin on MSN chat (oooo those were the days!) and we were really hitting it off! This was grade 10 for me. He lived out of town so he came in one weekend to meet me. We started off great, but by the time he was coming into town, I knew nothing was going to happen. He had seen my picture and things changed after that but he was still coming in for our meeting/kind of group date?

When he was in town, a whole group of us went to the movies. So we are in the movies, walking in a large group down the row of seats. He runs into the row behind all of us, runs up and jumps in front of Sarah (so it was him, Sarah, then me all in a row). They then spent the whole movie holding hands with her head on his shoulder…..

It really ended in grade 11 for us. By this time our relationship was completely ruined and it was just the last nail in the coffin. Over the winter, she said she had been attacked in the parking lot of her apartment building, and as a result was pregnant – it was all a big fat lie. Please do not think that I am in any way lessening the trauma and seriousness of anyone getting attacked and/or raped. I believed her at at time, and would believe anyone who would tell me that. Just in this case, she had been lying. She came to school one day and said that she had lost “the baby” and even showed us medical tape on her stomach.

She had stopped eating properly at school, buying one of those small bag of Munchies from the vending machine in the morning and only eating that all day. So one day, she fainted in the cafeteria after her gym class. I went to visit her at the hospital and then she told me the whole truth about how none of it was ever real.

We tried to salvage our friendship, but by the summer of grade 11 there was nothing left for us to salvage. We went shopping with her new boyfriend and his best friend, and leaving the store I hear her whisper to the best friend “I hope the sensors don’t go off!” She denied it later but I’m pretty sure she was shoplifting. That was the last straw for me Over the summer I quit talking to her and haven’t ever since.

Once, during our “good years” she convinced me that she knew Ryan Gosling. They had grown up in the same town (like legit they did) so it was technically possible. She even went so far as to give me his MSN name and I actually chatted a few times with whoever was on the other computer (remember how I said I’m a very trusting person?). To this day, I still have no idea who it was. Probably her, maybe her sister? No idea.

My brother was friends with her as well, and once we had our falling out I don’t think either of us told him exactly what happened. I’ve never told him the full story since I didn’t want to share how I was responsible for 50% of the lies we told each other. But he has always taken her side on it. Apparently I was being the irrational one and just dumping friends for no reason. I’m not saying that everything in our friendship was her fault. I know this post makes it seem like that, I was responsible for a good deal of lying and backstabbing as well (as any 16 year old is I’m sure). I actually got really defensive when she tried to confront me on those things (how dare you say that! I would never lie like that to you!)

She eventually married that high school boyfriend. She is cousins with someone I met in teacher’s college so I got an update when I said I knew her (omg you know her?! I went to high school with her!) The high school boyfriend was a teenage father so they have this son, plus two children of their own now. I guess sometimes people really do find their true love in high school?


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