Do you ever feel like time is a cruel mistress? 

I used to be a horrible waster of time. Especially when I was teaching and working at Tim Hortons at the same time. When I wasn’t at work, I would be in my room watching movies or netflix. I literally wasted away my time, and ya know it really didn’t bother me too much.

Living in such a small town like I did, I didn’t have many friends my age. I would have to drive over an hour to see my real friends so it didn’t happen very often. But I was always connected to them through texting.

When I moved here in November, I felt like I was acting the same way, but it started to bother me. For some reason, I now felt guilty for taking any down time. On the weekends, if I used that time to go out and stuff I didn’t get the rest I needed for the week of teaching ahead of me. If I stayed home, I felt like a bad person for just spending my two days off inside.

I’ve come to a little bit of a compromise right now where I’ll go out and plan to do things on Saturday but stay in for my day of relaxation on Sunday.

This week however, its almost like time has sped up on me. I never have enough time to do anything. Or it could just be that I’ve taken on too much. That’s always a possibility lol.

Last week I bought a book to help learn Korean. So far, over the last 8 days, I’ve done a chapter and a half. How lame of an attempt is that?! I half justify it to myself because I wanted to get index cards to make flash cards for myself. After looking in 5 different stationary stores, dollar stores, art supply stores, and one large supermarket, I finally found them yesterday while I was out of town getting my nails done. Now I can start working on learning to read and speak Korean, if only I could find the time!

Currently, here are the activities sucking my time:

  1. Work: I work from 1:30-8 (sometimes 1:30-7:30). But let’s just call it 1-8.
  2. Blogging: Blogging has become almost like a second job for me! Reading emails, posting, dealing with the happiness engineers to fix my “following” problem (trust me, they are trying to fix it!)
  3. Reading: I only have 1 Harry Potter book left to finish!! I burned through book 6 this week, so hopefully one week with book 7 and I’ll be done!
  4. Knitting: back in February, I bought a lot of yarn. Like a LOT. I couldn’t remember how much my mom said I needed for a sweater for a one year old, but since I have enough to make like 3 sweaters, I’ve decided to make a blanket. I started last weekend, ripped out one row 3 times before giving up. I had to wait for clarification from my mom on stitches. Then I spent all week adding rows (it takes about 20 minutes just to do one row) and on Thursday, I was watching Criminal Minds, dropped 2 stitches and had to destroy a weeks worth of progress. I started fresh yesterday.
  5. Writing: I have my naughty book that I add to whenever an idea strikes me. Which is random at best.
  6. Learning Korean: The book is sitting beside me right now!
  7. Enjoying life: with whatever time I have left over…..

I think I have worked out a good strategy to be able to handle it all. In the morning do blogging and leave an hour to dedicate to a chapter a day to this Korean book. Any extra time I can read HP. Work in the afternoon obviously. At home, watch Western shows while knitting, getting at least 4 rows done a day. Any extra time before bed, reading HP.

Because it’s Sunday, and that means extra free time, I also had the chance to watch this cute video. PM Trudeau gave an interview whilst in New York about being a feminist and a father, and its really adorable. Check it out! 


10 thoughts on “Time

  1. You have so much on your plate I’m surprised you get any time to rest at all! I’m sure you’ll figure out a schedule that suits you and also manage to finish your knitting project 😄 Keep us posted!

    Liked by 1 person

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