Popping like Tyra

Now I’m sure that ya’ll can relate to what is going to go down here. It’s a very common affliction. 

Ok, so it starts off, you’re having a really great day. You’re feeling it! Everything is working. You get ready and leave the house, throw on your headphones, turn on something that puts a little extra pop in your step.

You’re digging the tunes! Your walk starts to change. All of a sudden, your hips have dropped, your stride has lengthened, you’re hands are in your jacket pockets, and you are crushing the pavement. Stomp it to the death child!! In that moment, you are Miss Tyra Banks.

Then it happens. You walk into a building….. say your work is in the same building as a sports centre which has a swimming pool in it, so the floor’s a little wet, or it had rained earlier that day. You don’t notice cos you’re freaking Tyra Banks! Let my sway my hips to the beat, I create my own wind!

You’re walking, you’re popping, you’re feeling fly. Then your shoe/boot hits the tiled floor and……

funny fail model fall

Good day ruined…..


While this didn’t happen to me today, it did a few weeks ago when it had rained. What good are rain boots if they have no traction on tiled floors?!


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