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About a week ago, a fellow blogger, Stephellaneous, made a post for Musical Tag. She invited others to join in on the fun, and this is the first day that I’ve been able to squeeze it in! So, Stephellaneous, this one’s for you!

The rules, as copied directly from her page:

The Rules (that you know I probably won’t follow) are as follows:

  1. List the first 10 songs that come on shuffle (no skipsies cheaterfaces).
  2. Then write your favorite lyric (or verse) from each song.
  3. Tag/link your enemies, frienemies, friends, puppies, presidential candidates, whatevs. FYI. You fuckin’ already know: Y’all are ALL tagged. Tagging makes me uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as wedgies. Almost. So all y’all are tagged. It’s fun. Dooo eeet.

Now let the games begin!

Now, after rule number 3, how could someone not take part in this? Don’t you see what she wrote? Doooo eeet! That’s a director order folks! However, since Stephelloneous is allowed to break the rules so am I. I’m going to change #2, and just write why I love the song instead 🙂

Since itunes is updating on my computer, I will be using the musical selection on my phone. It’s not as embarrassing as my whole itunes collection, but oooo gosh this could be very embarrassing…

1) Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen (omg of course that would be first….my phone didn’t want to give you any false hopes of me actually being cool….GAH) I love this song for two reasons: one, it’s happy and bubbly! Two, I wish I could be so bold as to walk up to someone and be like “Hey, you’re pretty. Call me”

2) Happy – Pharrell Williams

Omg I love this song so much! It always puts me in a good mood and I dance crazy like all the people in the video. It was a favourite while teaching kindergarten since I could dance like a spaz with all the kids and they didn’t really care!


3) Bruises – Train ft. Ashley Monroe

I’m not sure what really draws me to this song. Maybe the nice blend of pop-ish and country-ish vibes. Plus, I can actually sing the female part almost on key! SCORE

4) Pocket Full of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

I didn’t like this song until I watched the movie Easy A HAHA! Then it just stuck and now I love it….

5) Dance with Me Tonight – Olly Murs

How can you not get lost in the swing vibe of this song! LOVE LOVE!! Ps: if ya’ll want to win my heart, throw me a dance party in the middle of the street with fireworks. I’ll be yours!

6) Cake By the Ocean – DNCE

There are two videos I’ve seen for this song, and this is by far my most favourite. Again, a very catchy beat and vibe. “See you liking frosting from your own hand” Totally love that lyric! I was never into the Jonas brothers, but Joe Jonas rocks this song.

7) Get it on Tonight – Montell Jordan

Now we’re really starting to show my true colours. This was on the soundtrack to one of my favourite movies when I was a teen – Save the Last Dance. I love the beat, the sound, the way it makes my hips move every time I heard it.

8) Spice Up Your Life – Spice Girls

I really shouldn’t have to put a reason for this song. And if you need one, I’m not sure we can be friends any more…..

9) Love Like This Before – Faith Evans

Go back up to #7, it’s all the same reasons! hehe I like the Fat Man Scoop remix for Save The Last Dance the best, the scratching of the record right before he starts into “face drop”, GAH LOVE!!! and it’s what I’ve included here 🙂

10) We Are Young – Fun

My heart expands to fit all the hope in the world when I hear this song…the first time it heads into the chours I can literally feel my heart expanding. I want to do all the things.


Ok, so what have I learned from this challenge?

  1. My phone wants to embarrass me. It has much more “cool” songs on it, but alas this really is a good representation of my musical tastes! haha!! I am very much a dance music lover – anything that I can wiggle my hips to, and prance around my apartment. (Come back tomorrow for a 300 Thursday representation of my strutting to music).
  2. My nails have gotten too long to type on my computer! I have never had this problem before haha. Only have to make it to Saturday when I will have the time to get a new manicure.
  3. If I want to make a quick post, it can not be about music. I listened to each song twice, once on my phone and then once while getting the youtube clip and writing up each song’s importance to my life. What I had hoped would be a 15 minute post turned into a full hour. Thank goodness there was no one on the roofs of the buildings across the street or they would have been subjected to be spazy bed dancing.

Like Stephelloneous, I feel uncomfortable nominating other people – so I nominate all ya’ll! Accept or don’t, it’s your call. But I would like to learn what evil secrets are hiding in your itunes collection 😉

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