High in the Sky

My dad used to be a pilot. I’m not sure if he ever had like an actual license, but he had a plane. It was one of those light weight ones that you can build with your friends. It was actually one of the things my mom and him bonded over before getting married. 

From what I understood from stories and old pictures, this is kind of what it looked like

courtesy of google search

Now I could be wrong, it was an ultralight or something – don’t know, not the point.

My dad built it with his friends and before they painted it, they all signed the body. They called her Miss Piggy because “she climbed like a pig” – which apparently is a bad thing when flying a plane? Who knew….

My dad’s friend took it up one day for a little flight, and ended up crashing it into a river bed. The friend wasn’t hurt, but Miss Piggy was no longer. This was before I was born so I never had the pleasure of actually seeing her in person. We used to live right around the airfield where she died, so my dad would point it out every single time we drove past it….. which when my brother was in Air Cadets at the air field was once a week. Yes dad….we know…..

He never lost track of his flying buddies though. He had this one friend, M, who was a millionaire. Like for reals a millionaire!


He was a really nice man, and I remember going over to his house a few times with my parents. His wife was the sweetest!!

Anyways, so M had an actual license to be a pilot and him and my dad would go up in M’s 4 seater plane a few times a year. One year it was decided that M would take my whole family up. I was about 10 at the time and it would be my first time in a plane ever (remember last week I said I’d tell you this story? I promised I would never lie on this blog so here it is!)

The day came, it was in early fall. I can remember seeing the patches of orange and yellow trees from way up high. Since the plane was only a 4 seater, it meant that M could only take up 3 other people at a time. First he took my dad, just to show my brother and me that it was safe. Then he took my mom, my brother and me up. We had to wear those ear protectors like they have in the movies, but only M’s had a microphone on it so he could communicate with the tower. He took us up and around for about an hour. Flying us all the way out to see our house from way up high. IT was spectacular.

Of course being 10, I had no concept of the effects of motion sickness. I had my face pressed to the window the entire time! I am so my father’s daughter!! Well after looking out the window for about 10 minutes while we circled around our house, my stomach was not having it!! Thankfully it was near the end of the flight, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it back to the ground without a revolt from my stomach.

And thus, started my nervous reaction to all flying!! It’s a feeling that has never quite left me, but with the help of quiet meditation before departure, and the use of gravol (non-drowsy ginger chews rock!) I can now fly with moderate comfort.

Why did I have to pick a place to live that forces me to be stuck in an airplane for no less than 12 hours straight just to go home?! WHY T! WHY?! I really have no answer to that question….

7 thoughts on “High in the Sky

  1. I’m flying out to see my boo on Friday. I always get a little nervous before flying, but I enjoy it. I don’t have sickness, thank God. I shall have to meditate before my EARLY 5:30 am flight.

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