Movements of the Sun

Well it is Sunday, which usually means I stay at home and take a little break from people and stresses. I sit in a rocking pair of sweats and abuse my Netflix. So it was a perfect day to do the little weekend challenge set out by the Photography 101 class I’m taking. Take a picture of the same spot multiple times over the day to see how the light affects it.Β 

Now, I had no real plans for today. Even Netflix was safe from me, and I may have taken a few more photos than needed….but what else was I going to do?! Aside from not sleep in past 6:45 on the one day renos weren’t happening in this building, and not spend all afternoon knitting the same row of 217 stitches before ripping it out and starting again THREE TIMES.

Ok, ok. Rant over folks.

Luckily for me, I have floor to ceiling windows in my apartment. And also very lucky for me, the sun rises right in front of my building, and arcs over top throughout the day, with the moon taking the same path. I tried to stand in exactly the same spot each time, and didn’t fiddle with the zoom too much. I wanted to capture identical shots all day.

Here are the pictures πŸ™‚

I was almost not angry that my body woke me up so early when I was able to start this experiment off with such an amazing sunrise.



Things very quickly escalated from soft warm hues to blinding light right in the eye. If I sit in my bed, this is what I look at, so after this picture was taken I had to draw the blinds on that side for a little bit.


Not too long though! I was able to reopen the blinds by 8 am, the sun reaching a high enough spot that it didn’t burn my eyes. But the haze of the day (from the yellow dust in the air) was already affecting the view.


By 11, the sun was up over my apartment and the view is bright and clear. A perfect first day of spring here in Korea.


3pm, and the hotel in the background is starting to get shadows on it from the setting sun. Things happen very quickly once this starts.


5pm and the sky is starting to darken.


6pm, and the sun is on it’s last leg, you can see the last bit of light burning off the reflection of the hotel.


6:20 and the rays of the sun no longer touch the buildings


Turning the camera vertically and I can just get a glimpse of the moon and it starts to show itself.


By 7, night has settled in. There is still some light in the sky, but the hotel is all lit up, as well as the street lights.


And by 7:20, the only light outside the window comes from the power grid.


It was a great little experiment to have today. I loved how the sun affected the colour of the hotel and how it worked its way around the edges of it as well. I also really love not having to turn on my lights all day until 6pm at night! I do wish this challenge had come a few months earlier though! The moon used to rise on the other side of the big green structure and float across my window over the course of an hour until it reached its highest point for the night.

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