I’m Sassy *snaps fingers*

Alright Giggling Followers, I am calling on you to provide a much needed definition clarification for me. Explain to me the difference between flirty and sassy. 

Now, I feel like I am a sassy person. I have (sometimes) witty comments for things, almost always full of sarcasm and banter. I’ve been groomed by people like Lorelai from the Gilmore Girls and have adjusted my personality accordingly.

But then sometimes, I get told that I’m flirty. Personally I don’t think I can flirt at all. I’m so awkward! Gosh who isnt?! Yet there is always that one person who comes up and was like “um you flirting with my man!?” to which I have to reply “girl check your self before I have to take out my hoops!” Not really, no one has ever said that to me…but in my head that is exactly how the conversations would go. But I have had people ask me why I’m so flirty with certain people when I have to reply “I’m not? We were just talking?”

Let’s have an example shall we? So I used to work with this guy, he called me One Tree Hill (I have no idea why) and I called him Glee, because he is almost identical to Blaine from Glee. Seriously ya’ll they could be brothers! Anyways, so we had what I would describe as a sassy relationship. He had a girlfriend from the moment that I met him, one whom he would later have a baby with and get married to (still married! They are adorable). But we would banter back and forth in our mutually sassy way…..oooo ya know what, he’s a bad example haha. I was just going over a conversation in my head what we would have but it probably was flirting… but not because I wasn’t flirting with him! I was being sassy….GAH see this is hard! Where is the line?

So yes, here’s the thing: my personality demands that I am sassy. I can’t help myself! Maybe the line between sassy and flirting, isn’t the words or how you say them, it’s the intent behind them. Back to Glee, I’ll tell you the conversation….he was my supervisor at work and he would always tell me to get back to work and I’d be all “well maybe I’d get some work done if you’re adorable face wasn’t around!” and we’d just banter back and forth like that. Now to anyone else, hearing that would probably think flirting. But it was just me being sassy. We’d also smack talk each other like siblings. He was a really bad example to use…I don’t think I’m making sense haha!

When I get into a groove with someone, there is sometimes a lot of sarcasm, which I think adds to the issue of “is she being flirty or not?”

If you’ve made it through that massive tornado of nonsense up there (I never promised to be coherent), what are your thoughts? What’s the difference between sassy and flirty?


3 thoughts on “I’m Sassy *snaps fingers*

  1. I think flirty can be subtle whereas sassy is more outward. I could say, I love your hair and 😉 , a subtle flirt, or, I could say, damn girl, your hair gets me going -a flirt with sass. However, sassy can be brazenly bold without being flirty at all. It really depends on the situation and what’s being said.

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