The Spoils of War

And by war, I mean a Saturday spent in Itaewon.

I had the joy of being woken up this morning at 6:45 by noisy neighbour. I really don’t think we can be friends after that. Like honestly, what on earth was he doing?! He finally was quiet and I got back to sleep, but at 7:50 the people downstairs started drilling into the ceiling and my bed was vibrating. Now I was just angry! These people were ruining my perfect Saturday that I had planned

  1. Sleep in
  2. Be lazy
  3. Update blog, make a post, reply to emails
  4. Leave my place for a late lunch in Itaewon
  5. Go to my favourite book store
  6. Go to my favourite clothing store
  7. Go to the foreigner’s market and buy some All Dressed chips
  8. Come home exhausted


Well, since step 1 of the plan was already kaput, I decided to do a little rewrite and I am so very glad I did!

Instead of having a late lunch in Itaewon, I had a late breakfast. I inhaled a piece of bread with peanut butter just to tide me over on the hour long subway ride to the pancake house. I got there and was seating between two empty tables. Just as I was giving my order, the table to my right had people seated at it. Two beautiful American soldiers (I assume, they were talking about PT and stuff). One was an Asian, with a full sleeve tattoo on his gorgeously ripped arm, and the other an amazingly hot man of colour – and we all know the soft spot in my heart for beautiful men of colour.


Tattoo guy sat in the chair on the outside, since the other wanted to sit in the booth (I was sitting on the booth side as well). He actually like argued with his friend to be able to sit there (claiming that the booth side was the better seat). The waitress offered to sit them at a table that had booth seats on both sides, but they wanted to stay there.

My phone connected with free wifi, and I was able to talk to one of my closest friends from back home while eating. That way I only felt like half a loser for eating by myself. Hot boy beside me, D (I heard tattooed guy use his name), was telling Tattooed guy how the girl sitting facing him (tattooed guy) at “that table” had a really pretty face. Now I’m just going to assume he was talking about me, because I’m sleep deprived and I’m allowed to think that I have a pretty face. Cos ya know what, I do! I’m adorable ya’ll! Maybe one of these days I shall break my vow of anonymousness and post a picture. But I’m not sure you could handle how cute I am (I’m really not conceited! I am a humble person…although sometimes it doesn’t sound like it….it’s confidence not conceit)

So there I am, eating slowly and talking to my friend via facebook, and I hear an “excuse me” I half glance up and D is look at ME! I smile (he was seriously so pretty!) and was like “Hi..?” “is that good?” Apparently he had ordered the french toast just as I had. So we had a short little exchange about how good it was. Then I was back to my phone. Here is where I kick myself! I should have kept talking to him.. GAH I hate being shy sometimes!

So after finishing, I hear Tattoo Guy mention they should leave soon so I took my chance. I ACTUALLY SPOKE! Now this needs to go down in a record book or something because I NEVER EVER EVER do that. I turn to hottie D and ask him how his meal was. Another short 30 second conversation about how he thinks I was right and that it was great.

Now came the difficult part: the tables were close together and to get out, I’d have to walk sideways between my table and their table – but I have a big booty. I could either go then, OR get a free refill on my iced coffee and keep using the free wifi to chat up my friend. Ice coffee won out (two cups and 3 hours later and I’m still WIRED). The hotties beside me decide to get up and leave. Tattooed guy leaves first, then D gets his stuff together, and as he’s walking away I hear a soft “have a nice day” *swoon* I look up, smile, and tell him to do the same.

YAY for me for stepping out of my shy little shell to talk to cute boys! Now, if you are reading this blog and you think “um wow, this girl just described me Saturday morning in Itaewon having breakfast with my friend at the pancake house” hit up the Ask Me Anything page and drop me a line 😉 

After breakfast I headed out to complete the rest of my to-do list. The sun was shinning and it had warmed up to a lovely 14 degrees by this point in the day. I headed on over to the bookstore. I wanted a book to help me learn Korean. I figured I’ve lived here long enough I should learn the language. The lady working showed me the most popular books, and even took the plastic off a few so I could look inside. I picked one and also found a used copy of The Help since I’m probably one of the only people alive who hasn’t read it yet. Its added to the pile for after I finish HP, and then a book my friend self-published, and reading for my book club…. when will I have time to knit and learn Korean?!

Moving along to my clothing store. I go in and tell the girl that I was looking for summer things. After 30 minutes of trying on lots and lots of clothes, I walked out with a bag stuffed full of goodies. In Canada, if I were to buy all the clothes that I did at a “plus size” store, it would have cost me at least $500. But in Korea, all my expenses for the day (breakfast, books, clothing and a few other stops) cost less than $300! And that my friends is why Korea rocks!

DSC_0001 (2)

2 skirts,  6 shirts, leggings, 2 tanks and books


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