Today I had a class of 3 boys. It’s a new class, but two of the boys are very smart and advanced and I always have to have backup activities planned or we are done in 15 minutes and have 30 to fill with nothing to do. They are brothers so it can get a little silly at times. Today a third boy joined them and I was told that he would be joining us every Thursday, in addition to coming Monday and Friday. 

Today was a fun class. The brothers got to build monsters with the work book, the new boy had already done that earlier in the week in his other class. When they had all finished making monsters and remaking monsters (removable stickers that come with the book), we still had about 20 minutes to fill. I ran out and photocopied the dots page from below:

provided via

It was great to just watch them colour!

New boy took the time to colour each letter of “dots” a different colour. Then he set out giving each house at least 3 different colours of dots colouring in circles to fill each one, the door was different, then he coloured the sand and ALL the sky.

Older brother took 3 colours and rotated them across all three houses. House one had red dots, a yellow door, and orange walls. 2 was orange dots, a red door and yellow walls, and 3 was yellow dots, an orange door and red walls. His dots were coloured with straight lines, making no attempt to fill in each bubble completely.

Younger brother started off detailing the roofs. Then he took a black crayon to house 1 and coloured in straight lines to fill each dot, but went slowly and made sure each one was filled in completely. Then after he finished the dots he coloured the entire house black going over the dots he had just spent so much time to colour in perfectly. House 2 was all purple and 3 all blue. For 2 and 3 he didn’t bother with the dots, he just coloured the whole thing.

I love just sitting back and watching kids do something so simple and yet so free. It reveals so much about them and their personalities! It was great seeing it, especially since all 3 have only been coming to the school for 2 weeks now and I’m still getting to know them.

I love my job!

2 thoughts on “Colouring

    • Some days are definitely much harder than others to keep my composure lol I just have to keep reminding myself that they are just kids and 95% of the time I shouldn’t take it personally. But there is always at least one student who you know is doing it on purpose lol. And I would be the same with the colouring! lol


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