Pictures of the Past

I posted on Monday about all the things I had to do to keep myself off my blog for 4 consecutive days. Ya’ll it was hard. MUCH harder than I had anticipated. One of the things that I decided to do was to go through the pictures on my computer. I thought this would take maybe like an hour or so but it took all freaking day on Sunday. 

Even though this task took so long, it was a blessing. I was able to remember things that I had long forgotten. It was fantastic to get that little blast from the past, and it helped to elevate my mood which was still kind of low from the fall out of Thursday.

One of the albums reminded me of something that I had forgotten long ago. My first trip on an airplane for a vacation. It was to British Columbia in 2007. I was 20, and my dad was going to BC for work. Since it was summer, I was able to go with him. It was awesome! Just me and my dad for a whole week!! I finished up my university exams for the year, and took the time off work from the grocery store. On my last morning in town, I had a going away breakfast with all my work friends (like I was moving away forever) and they all gave me letters and pictures for the plane. Don’t you miss those days where a simple vacation warranted a going away event with all your friends? *sigh* Good times!

A few people from work couldn’t make it so I dropped into work on my way to the airport to say goodbye. One guy there I had a major crush on. And pretty much for the entire time that I worked at the store too. Anyways, he had promised me a letter for the plane, so I ran in to find him to get it. Of course, he didn’t have one ready (disappointment was his thing) so he pulled a piece of paper out of the printer and in less than 3 minutes I had it folded up in my hand with a “Don’t read it until you’re on the plane” followed by a hug goodbye.

I promised I would wait, but it was really hard to wait! (I might have this thing with patience…and impulse control….yeah…maybe just a little bit?) I waited until we were in the airport to open it. That was close enough to on the plane right? To 20 year old T it was pretty much the same thing. So here I was, freaking out over my first commercial plane ride (I’ll do a post on my first real plane ride next week), and I had to open all my letters before getting on it! I left D’s for the very last and worked my way through all the rest. I finally got to his, my dad had wondered off for a few minutes so I had the perfect time to open it. This is what it was:

Now 20 year old T was ecstatic! Like he drew this free-hand and he wrote Love D on it! My dad happened to come back just as I had finished really taking it in, and was all “ooooOOOOOooo why are you so smiley…ooooOOOOOoooo who is that from?” gah dads! Am I right? So I tucked it safely away into my bag. Apparently I took this picture sometime during the trip. Probably in my hotel room while my dad was off at work.

The thing is, my 20 year old heart was completely smitten at that point with D. Everyone knew it. We flirted all the time at work, I have pictures (yes multiple) of him sitting beside me at work dinners (a few different occasions) pretending to lick my ear (it was a thing we did? I’m not sure why…..) Whenever we would go anywhere and I was driving, he always had to be in the front with me. He was a little bit unreliable, remember disappointment was his thing, so whenever the work group was doing anything they all made me his ride because he was always on time for rides with me (we actually “lost” him for 3 days after one such event). I knew his parents, talking to them when they would come shopping, I knew all 7 of his siblings (that is to say I’d been introduced to all of them) and I knew about the one who had died when he was really really young. I even had a ring that he called “our love ring” (a white plastic heart with black stripes all over it, on a really cheap adjustable ring. It eventually broke but I still have the heart. Maybe I threw it out when moving in November though…). But we were never “together”.

I worked there for 4 years, and for about 3.5 of them I was a little puppy in love all over him. Everyone was though – I’m sure every work has that one boy that is cuter than all the rest and everyone is smitten with. At around the 3 year mark he started dating one of the girls in the bakery. Well there was an uproar from all the other girls who worked there! Who was this person who had just started working there and she’s dating D?! Um excuse me! We all decided we didn’t like her, and shunned her. But eventually I came around (as did most of the others) and I’m really glad I did since she is a pretty rocking person!

Then D’s ex came back into town. She went after him even though he was dating bakery girl. We all think some shady things went down and eventually D was with his ex and bakery girl was out of the picture. When that happened, D and I went on what we called a “non-date date”. We played mini-golf, went to the arcade next to the golf course, went out for dessert and drinks after, and had a really great time. We talked about the change in his girlfriends but he seemed to want to shy away from that topic. We had always been really comfortable around each other, even when disagreeing, so it was a great day.

But, him and his “proper man of quality” upbringing, he paid for everything. That kind of made me a little upset, since it wasn’t a real date I felt weird about it. We had drinks and dessert at a restaurant across the hall from work, so all the servers knew us. D is 6’3 and I’m 5’7 so when it was time to pay, I had taken the cheque and handed it with my debit card to the bartender (another D name, and another friend) but since D towered over me, the bartender took his card from over my head instead. Grrrr to men and their proper upbringings! Not really, it was sweet. But I don’t ever expect a man to pay for me. Although the bartender almost got smacked when he said “Don’t sorry sweets just because he pays doesn’t mean you have to put out”. If I hadn’t known him so well, and if he didn’t know both D and I were Christians and friends not dating, he would have been in trouble!

Well now I feel like I’ve lost focus on this post. I had a goal in mind when I started (1000 words ago!?) and now I can’t remember what it was haha. Anyways, after that non-date with D, we kind of drifted. I didn’t like his new girlfriend and I assure you the feelings were very much mutual. Like I said, we had a very flirty sassy thing between us, and that never changed even when he was dating someone. Last I heard D and his ex-turned new girlfriend were married. I’m sure they have at least one baby already. I haven’t talked to him since I left that job in August of 2010. But bakery girl and I are still friends 🙂 She is actually one of the only people I still talk to from that job. Kind of ironic haha!

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