Nature and Leading Lines

For today’s Photography 101 post, we are suppose to look at nature and lines in nature. I’m pretty sure that about 75% of my pictures come from nature. I love documenting nature! Here are a few to enjoy:Β 

One of my favourite flowers is an oriental lily. They are pink and white and the fill a room with the most amazing smell. I like how the white of the petals draws your eyes into the middle of the flower.

Oriental Lilly

This is a man made environment, from a butterfly conservatory. I have always loved how the tree branch curves itself out and around like it does.


Butterfly ConservatoryΒ 

I chose this picture, since you can see the lines inside the petals. How the details lead your eye into the middle, while the water droplets pull your eyes away.

Isle of Skye

I love how the sharp lines of the leaves contrast with the soft edges of the flowers here. Nature juxtaposing itself.

Isle of Skye

One last one: how the water was molded the shoreline to become so wavy. Eating away and creating a new line between water and land as time goes on.

Isle of Skye

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