Just Keep Swimming

Over the weekend, I decided to take a little trip to the aquarium. In Ontario we don’t really have aquariums, or at least any close to where I live. There is the new one in Toronto though. However I lived 3 hours away from Toronto and would rather jam a rusty nail into my eye than have to drive into downtown Toronto, so I’ve never been.

But in Korea, the aquarium is just a short 75 minute subway train ride away! No big deal!

After checking the online maps like 100 times, and checking my twitter account for the air quality, I set out mid-morning on Saturday. The aquarium is in this underground mall. For some reason, underground malls and shopping centres are a big thing here. But it’s also good for me (and other solo travelers) because you don’t really have to find street directions – everything is basically just connected to the subway.

Getting to the aquarium was super easy. I only had to transfer three times, and each time was in a one track only station. These are the best! Since you only have to follow one colour of arrows to get to where you need to be. Once at my destination, I walked around the mall for about 5 minutes before stopping for lunch on the outskirts of the food court. Then another 5 minutes of walking to get to the actual aquarium. It was like the farthest thing from the subway possible! Good thing I had on my walking shoes!

It was a great experience! They had modern art installations, touching tables, a touch experience room, everything! I didn’t participate in too many of the touching exhibits though – you have to wash your hands before and after, which is all good but I was holding my camera and didn’t want to risk it getting wet. In the full room dedicated to touch exhibits, I did put my camera away and hold a starfish for a little bit! EEEEPPP it felt so squishy! I wasn’t expecting that!

The only sad thing about the experience was that I couldn’t have the flash turned on. Which meant that a lot of my pictures were kind of bad. I’m much more comfortable taking pictures of things that don’t move, but I did get some amazing shots! Check them out 🙂

The obligatory Nemo and Dory tank

Literally my favourite picture out of the bunch

Look at the guy in the back! He’s starring at you!


The coral shot above is also one of my favourites. I was holding my camera down at hip level and just pushed the button, hoping for the best.

Don’t ya just love their “smile”?!

The jellyfish below are special pictures. My camera automatically held the lens open for about 3-5 seconds just to get enough light to capture the picture. The light effect is pretty awesome.


teehee hello there Mr. Penguin

The following two pictures are of the same penguin. He noticed the light from my camera and was all coy and shy at first. Then he hobbled on over and actually posed for the camera a little by the glass separating us. Then some kids came over and noticed he was responding to my movements – they tapped their fingers on the glass and distracted him. Dragging their fingers across the glass, he would jump into the water and swim after it. After a few minutes they had about 3 of them all following them.

I know you looking, I aint gonna look.

Up close and personal


7 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Hi there what a beautiful post! You took me there by your words and pictures. Thanks for that! I am doing the A to Z challenge too! Can’t wait to see your theme. See you at the reveal I am now following so I won’t miss your posts! Happy blogging, Annette

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  2. Your trip to the aquarium sounds like a lot of fun! Ive been to the Toronto aquarium once and loved that one! Though yes, not being allowed to use your camera’s flash does cramp ones style 😁 Your pictures turned out great though!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice! Is this the aquarium in the Coex mall? I never went to that one, but I heard it was there. Have you been to Pusan? They have an aquarium there, too. We went there two or three times. We loved it.

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