Big and Bold

I am so glad for today’s topic! An idea popped into my head almost instantly and now I’m a little giddy about it! But the giddiness just might be from too much coffee, not enough sleep (seriously I loath whoever is doing construction downstairs…7am every single morning), the awesome shopping trip I just had, or the anticipation of watching The Magic School Bus and playing bingo with my teens tonight. KM and YJ are the silliest pair of 15 year olds I have ever taught and I love them!

But I digress (I blame the lack of sleep). So onto BIG AND BOLD! If I get on the subway and travel about 1.5 hours from where I currently live you’ll get to a small cluster of very Americanized cities. This is because they are around the American Air Force base in Osan (where I used to live 5 years ago). Going past Osan and into Pyeongtaek, you’ll get to a HUGE shopping mall, the AK Plaza (there are a few scattered around). On the top floor of the plaza, there is a movie theatre and an escalator that leads to the roof. On the roof is the most beautiful garden.

Now, the reason why I love this garden is because of the ducks. Not real ducks that will give you the evil eye and then try to attack you for your french fries (flash backs to childhood!) but big, HUGE, metal ducks! They are actually seats for you to enjoy the garden in, and are at least 20 feet tall.

In this picture you can see people sitting inside. I took photographs from a couple different angles, but this is the best one to see actual people.

From the picture above you’d never guess that it’s actually a cute little family of ducks. As shown here:

OOOoooo they are so gosh darn CUTE!!

Of course the garden has other features as well, such as a fountain:

And an amazing view of the city:

But mostly I just love it for the ducks.

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