Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Oh my sweet baby Jesus!! I AM BACK!

Ya’ll have no idea how insane the last 4 days have been. It has been phsyical torture to keep myself away from wordpress. I literally was counting the hours from my last post until waking up this morning (91 hours for anyone who is interested!)I had to deactivate my email account on my phone to stop getting notifications, I moved my “blogging” bookmark folder into another folder so I wouldn’t have to see it every day, I stayed off twitter as much as humanly possible, I even had to curb my news reading habits! My dad sent me a link to a Canadian newspaper which was somehow set up to link to wordpress and I was faced with that top toolbar showing me a bright big orange circle n the right hand side.

So what have I been doing to keep occupied? Well the list is a long one!

I finished Harry Potter book 5. Moving on to 6, which is my favourite movie! I think 4 might be my favourite book….or 6….or all of them? I watched movie 5, which of course caused some interesting dreams of dating Oliver Phelps…but he’s apparently married now so don’t tell his new bride. However as my friend pointed out, he does have an identical twin…..

I also watched the final installment of The Hunger Games. Those white faceless things attaching the rebels in the sewer pipes also led for interesting dreams. Throw in some Gossip Girl for good measure.

I spent Saturday out of my apartment (no apartment, no internet!) and went to an aquarium which was AMAZING! More on that later.

I spent Sunday going through every single photograph saved on my computer. 42 different folders…and one folder, to my horror, had 5 subfolders hidden within it! Around 2000-2500 photos. More on that later.

I set up a new folder for the really good pictures. And my brother advised me to download a photoshop program. More on that later.

I’ve talked to both my parents since my war on words post. More on that later.

Since discovering that it was pretty much the worst torture I could ever endure to be away from my blog for 4 days, I’ve decided to make my stay a little more permanent! And will be registering my domain name today!!

Lastly, I just want to say that waking up to all the messages this morning made my heart smile. The words of comfort and support were amazing so thank you all for them!

Before I can get to all those “more on that later”s I just posted, I do have to work my way through the 166 “new post” emails I have waiting for me! My twitter feed however will probably just have to accept the fact that I’m not even going to try to go through all the posts over the last few days…..sorry Twitter!

4 thoughts on “Cruel and Unusual Punishment

  1. I know you describe your hiatus from wordpress as torture, I’m glad you did it. I think it’s healthy to take a break from things like that every once in a while. Sometimes I have to do “facebook detoxes” to improve my mood. Sounds crazy, but it really does change my attitude. I’m still figuring out why.

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